RACC Submission Requirements for Digital Media

When submitting your supporting materials in digital format, please keep in mind that our panelists typically have access to standard, universally available audio/visual and computer equipment or software. The guidelines below were written to help ensure that RACC staff and panelists can play your media and/or access your files without complications, including uploading materials to internet sharing services for electronic review by panelists.


  • To help prevent technical problems from affecting consideration of your work, it is┬áhighly recommended that you test the quality and ease of access to your files by having someone review your digital materials using their own equipment.
  • This is a general guide for submitting digital materials to RACC. Depending on the application/project, there may be additional requirements or limitations for submitting digital media, such as the number of images you may submit, etc. Please refer to the application guidelines or prospectus for any submission requirements relating to the specific RACC opportunity in question.

File Formats

In order to be reviewed, uploads must be compatible with both Windows and Macintosh platforms, regardless of file type. Be sure to name your files with the appropriate filename extension (e.g.: “smith01.jpg”). Allowable file types are as follows:

Digital Images

Scanned images or digital photos should be saved in JPEG format (.jpg) or TIFF format (.tif) at an image size of no more than 1,024 pixels wide. Image titles should include the number corresponding to an image list. Provide an electronic copy of your image list with your submission that clearly identifies each file, including title, medium, size or scale, materials, and date of completion. Images should be under 3 MB each.

Digital Audio

The following file formats can be accepted for digital audio files: .mp3 or .mp4. Other formats may not be supported. Audio files should be under 15MB each.

Digital Video

The following file formats can be accepted for digital video files: .mov or .mp4 at 720p resolution. Other formats may not be supported. Files should be playable in either Apple Quicktime or Windows Media Player. Video files should be under 100MB each.

PDF documents

Electronic submission of text documents should be in PDF format for access with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please publish a copy of your document in this form or scan text documents and save them as a PDF. PDF files should be under 20MB each.