Juice will not be returning in 2019

See highlights from last year’s event
This was a difficult but appropriate decision to make in light of the exciting changes on RACC’s horizon.

Joined by our new Executive Director in January, RACC will embark on an extensive strategic planning process in 2019. Our intention is to shine a light on the most pressing needs of our community and the unique role RACC can play as a convener and voice for arts and culture. In order to pave the way for RACC’s new 3-5 year vision, it makes the most sense to hold off devoting resources, at least for the time being, to an event like Juice.

We are honored to have carried the torch for the 18 year old event formerly known as the Arts Breakfast of Champions. And we are grateful to the hundreds of businesses that have invested and continue to invest in our arts community. We can’t wait to update you on new developments and opportunities to partner with us in the coming year.

Our long-term plan is for the best parts of the Juice to live on and hope you’ll be there to enjoy its new rendition with us – whatever form that might take!

Thank you for supporting Juice, Breakfast of Champions and most of all, thank you for supporting our region’s arts and culture community.

Please contact me with questions at abailey@racc.org.

Warmest regards and gratitude,

Business Partnership Manager
Regional Arts & Culture Council