Listing guidelines and best practices

These guidelines are designed to help users understand RACC’s quality standards. We are working to deliver the best user experience and recognize that there are meaningful differences between particular listing types. Not adhering to these guidelines may impact the visibility of your listing on the site.


  • Only include current opportunities.
  • All listings are subject to manual review and do not immediately appear online. Please allow 1-3 weeks for your listing to be processed.
  • Submitted listings will expire on your entered “deadline” date. Listings without a deadline will automatically expire after 30 days.
  • Once a listing is submitted it is FINAL. No early removals or revisions can be made.
  • At this time submission edits are unavailable. If you need to correct information on a listing, please re-submit a new listing and notify to take down the incorrect listing by including a link to the post.
  • Quality titles and descriptions: RACC values listings with titles and descriptions that are detailed, accurate, and well-formatted. Leave clickbait and extraneous listing details out of titles. Listing descriptions should primarily provide details about the opportunities and should not focus on non-pertinent information.
  • Your post should include a clear point of contact and must not employ excessive or fraudulent advertising.
  • Make sure all forms of contact for public reach is in the content of the listing, in addition to the submission forms options.
  • All submitted opportunities should contain unique content to yield better search results. Opportunity listing should be thorough and answer the basics of who, what, where, when, and why.
  • User’s privacy and personal information should be protected and only used in conjunction with their search or application.
  • Inoffensive content: RACC values providing users with high quality experiences on our site. Jobs, content, and messages that are offensive and expose users to content which is vulgar, illicit, etc. violates this guideline.

Listings that do not meet these standards may be subject to further delays in the review and posting process. Listings with deceptive, generic, misleading, or missing information are not allowed.  RACC reserves the right to remove any listings that prove misleading, compromise the user experience, those which are not convinced to represent a “real” opportunity, fails to adhere to the above guidelines, or results in excessive user complaints or spam.