Greg Netzer

Interim Executive Director

Greg serves RACC as its interim Executive Director. He works in tandem with the staff and board to assess and design the ways RACC can best serve its community, and to develop the tools, resources, and programs to fulfill that mission. He is a strategic consultant and advisor with more than 30 years of experience consulting for and leading organizations as varied as Fortune 100 companies and startup nonprofit organizations, including a decade in nonprofit management. He has been a RACC grant recipient, a grant panel participant, a graduate of the Cultural Leadership Program, an advocate for RACC in testimony to the Portland City Council, and a member of the team that helped develop RACC's most recent organizational strategic framework.

Greg lives in NE Portland with his partner Pamela. He spends whatever free time he can manage reading fiction, baking bread, cycling, and urging on the Portland Timbers.