Salvador Mayoral IV

Senior Public Art Manager


Salvador has been working with the public art team at the Regional Arts & Culture Council since 2015. Starting as the Public Art Program Assistant, Salvador has gained experience and mentorship throughout the years culminating in his current role as Senior Public Art Manager. Committed to championing the arts and the culturally diverse communities that create them, Salvador has volunteered and interned with arts and multicultural organizations from the San Francisco Bay Area to Sacramento, including a Multicultural Fellowship with the California Arts Council, the state’s leading arts agency. HIs volunteer work in Portland has included organizing and fundraising for the now defunct PDX Latinx Pride as well as supporting a number of local arts events in a variety of ways ranging from thought leadership to washing dishes and sweeping floors.

He loves dance parties, campy performance art, following the landscape of TV/cinema and stimulating conversation with interesting folks. Originally hailing from the Central Valley of California, Salvador continues to find ways to engage Portland’s active arts community and make this community his community and this city a place to call home.