Shahira Kamal

Accounting Assistant


Shahira enjoys using tools and information to build things, both as an accounting assistant and as a custom clothier of wool & leather outerwear. She’s been assisting with multiple aspects of small- and mid-size business development at for- and not-for-profits for 15+ years, primarily in mission-driven environments. She likes assisting with every aspect of fund accounting — numbers offer their own type of non-delusional comfort – but numbers never tell the whole story. An anthropologist at heart, she can’t help developing insights into an organization’s complicated components and contexts that make up its ’big picture’, and therefore usually finds herself asked to research and build cost/benefit analyses to improve systems, workflows, and time/money/people-power ratios, in between honest conversations about culture.

While not working at RACC Shahira helps others navigate the perfect storm comprised of shame around appearance, the fear of missing out, and the pressure to be a high-volume consumer. She offers personal consultations, custom garments, and programs that merge her studies in fashion design and the psychology of dress with her dedication to sustainability, hemp textile production in the US, and developing processes for releasing shame and guilt through buying less, buying better, and transcending the success-equals-accumulation fallacy.