2018-19 RACC Project Grants (Cycle 1)

RACC’s Project Grant Program provides financial support to individual artists and not-for-profit organizations in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties, for project based arts programming. Grants are awarded up to $7,000 and are available in three categories: Artistic Focus, Arts Equity & Access, and Arts Services.  The following 52 Project Grants were approved on September 17, 2018 and total $295,030.

For more detailed descriptions of each project, please see this PDF listing.


2018-19 Project Grant awards (Cycle 1):

Applicant Project Type Discipline Award
Algoso, Luann Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,640
Anuntarungsun, May Artistic Focus Media Arts $3,750
Barrera, Claire Artistic Focus Dance/Movement $6,510
Clark, Merideth Artistic Focus Theatre $5,780
Clarren, Rebecca Artistic Focus Literature $5,410
Collins, Max Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $4,300
Dahl, Dicky Artistic Focus Media Arts $5,880
de Bastion, Myles Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $5,950
Desautels, Jeffrey Artistic Focus Theatre $2,080
Doran, Sean Artistic Focus Theatre $5,610
Egan, Catherine Artistic Focus Dance/Movement $2,490
Ewell, Derek Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,640
Gooden, Justus Tyrone Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $6,650
Hamilton, Jo Artistic Focus Visual Arts $6,520
Hankins, Allie Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $5,470
Hearn, Dot Arts Services Theatre $7,000
Hough, Kurtis Artistic Focus Media Arts $5,870
Jones Redstone, Dawn Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,990
Koff, David Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $2,780
Kolosowsky, Natalya Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $6,780
Kuttab, Amy Artistic Focus Visual Arts $5,410
Miles, Rhen Artistic Focus Dance/Movement $5,360
Moulton, Suzanne Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,300
Nakano, Ryan Artistic Focus Literature $6,300
Ng, Xi Jie Arts Equity & Access Social Practice $4,420
Ngo, Aja Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $5,370
Shambry, Vin Artistic Focus Theatre $5,850
Tran, Minh Artistic Focus Dance/Movement $7,000
Vazquez Gomez, Patricia Artistic Focus Visual Arts $6,500
Vigeant, Leslie Artistic Focus Visual Arts $2,210
Vo, Anna Artistic Focus Literature $6,650
Yamamoto, Takahiro Artistic Focus Visual Arts $5,850
45th Parallel Artistic Focus Music $5,000
Bienestar Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $5,950
Corrib Theatre Artistic Focus Theatre $7,000
Couch Film Collective Arts Equity & Access Media Arts $3,390
Edwards Center, Inc. Arts Equity & Access Visual Arts $5,950
Experience Theatre Project Artistic Focus Theatre $3,400
Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre/Northwest Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $5,910
JANE a theater company Artistic Focus Theatre $5,950
Live On Stage Artistic Focus Theatre $6,950
New Expressive Works Artistic Focus Dance/Movement $6,300
Opera Theater of Oregon Artistic Focus Music $5,950
Outside the Frame Arts Equity & Access Media Arts $7,000
PCC Sylvania Artistic Focus Social Practice $6,900
Performance Works NorthWest Artistic Focus Dance/Movement $5,840
PETE (Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble) Artistic Focus Theatre $5,950
Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives, Inc. (PCRI) Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $5,950
Public Annex Arts Equity & Access Visual Arts $6,500
Resonance Ensemble Artistic Focus Music $6,350
Street Roots Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $6,650
World Stage Theatre Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $5,820