2019-20 RACC Professional Development Grants (Cycle 1)

The Professional Development Grant program assists artists or arts administrators with opportunities that specifically improve their business management development skills and/or brings the artist or the arts organization to another level artistically. The following 43 Professional Development Grants totaling $55,210 were awarded on June 11, 2019. (*First time grant recipients)


2019-20 Professional Development Grant awards (Cycle 1):

*Andrea Parson – Take 3-week physical theatre intensive at Dell’Arte International in Blue Lake, California – $1,000

*Anna Song – Take 2-week medieval music intensive in Belasu, Spain – $1,600

*Audrey Goldfarb – Attend American Film Market in Santa Monica, California – $1,500

*Carl Annala – Participate in butoh and contemporary dance festival at Schloss Bröllin in Germany – $1,500

*Carlos Esparza – Take 6-week summer intensive at Martha Graham School in NYC – $1,320

Chliu-Mie Wu – Mentorship with glass artist Andrew Lueck on flame-worked technique in Vancouver, Washington – $1,200

Damiana Paternoster  – Take digital patternmaking coursework at Portland Fashion Institute and custom patternmaking with Dawn Muthart – $1,600

*Darcy Sharpe – Hire local artists and designers to rebrand logo and create marketing materials – $1,000

*David Benz – Present work in group show at Arcadia Contemporary in Pasadena, California – $1,200

*David Carmack Lewis – Present work in solo exhibition at Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay, Oregon – $1,000

*Dawn Juliano – Take 1-week course on teaching traditional Irish music in Dublin, Ireland – $850

*Denise Dicks – Mentorship with photographer Ray Bidegain on alternative darkroom processes – $2,000

*Eddie Bond – Take 3-week jazz workshop at Banff Arts Centre in Banff, Alberta, Canada – $800

 Eric Nordstrom – Take 1-week somatic dance intensive in Holderness, New Hampshire – $1,400

*Erica Compere – Take writing workshops with Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation – $1,400

Fuchsia Lin – Take 1-week fashion filmmaking intensive at London College of Fashion – $1,600

*Jeff Leake – Attend 3-month residency at Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai – $1,000

*John Niekrasz – Attend 3-week residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida – $1,400

Lamiae Naki – Participate in showcase performance at Western Arts Alliance Conference in Los Angeles – $1,950

*Larissa Cranmer – Take an online course on CAD patternmaking with Adobe Illustrator – $220

Laura Gibson – Attend 1-month residency at Yaddo Colony in Saratoga Springs, New York – $580

*Laura Martinez – Hire Studio Anneli to create website and online shop – $1,400

*Lucy Cotter – Hire designer Jan Mwesigwa to update artist website – $1,950

*Luke Zwanziger – Attend 4-day comedy intensive with Camp Improv Utopia in Yosemite National Park – $700

*Maren Salomon – Attend 1-month residency at CreateSpaces in Cardigan, Wales – $720

*Matthew Minicucci – Attend 1-month residency at James Merrill House in Stonington, Connecticut – $590

*Maxx Katz – Attend 3-week residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida – $1,400

*May Anuntarungsun – Develop marketing materials for artist website and Vimeo – $1,350

*Michelle Fujii – Participate in Urban Bush Women’s Summer Leadership Institute in NYC – $1,200

*Olando Lin – Train with Form 3D Foundry on fabrication and hire Mario Gallucci for documentation services – $1,200

*Oluyinka Akinjiola – Take 15-week dance intensive at Edna Manley College in Kingston, Jamaica – $1,800

*Orquidia Velasquez  – Hire Aaron Kuehn to create custom photo database/archive – $1,500

*Pamela Santos – Hire writer Raina J. León for seminar and consultations – $1,500

*Patrick Gracewood – Participate in Inami International Wooden Sculpture Camp in Nanto City, Japan – $1,630

*Rebecca Curry – Mentorship with watercolor portraitist Chris Stubbs in Carlton, Oregon – $1,500

Roland Dahwen Wu – Present work at Cortona on the Move Festival in Cortona, Italy – $1,500

*Shawn Creeden – Attend 1-month residency at Arteles Creative Center in Haukijärvi, Finland – $1,950

*Susan Schenk – Take weeklong painting workshop with Lynn Wintermute at Menucha in Corbett, Oregon – $1,000

Takahiro Yamamoto – Attend 1-month residency at Bogliasco Foundation near Genoa, Italy – $1,600

*Tave Drake – Hire Ansley Fones to update logo and create website – $1,500

*Tina McDermott – Take Business Foundations classes at Mercy Corps Northwest in Portland – $400

*Live On Stage – Attend NAMT Fall Conference and Festival of New Musicals in NYC – $1,200

*Portland Open Studio  – Hire Firespring to develop online and mobile-friendly tour guide – $1,500