MEDIA ALERT: BCCTV to screen new works on June 10 at the Hollywood Theatre

WHO: BCCTV on the Big Screen

WHAT: A screening of short works created through a program at the Bud Clark Commons homeless service center

WHEN: Monday June 10th at 7p.m.

WHERE: Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy Boulevard

NOTES: This screening is a culmination of the diverse works produced over the past year at a RACC-sponsored, artist led production lab at Bud Clark Commons (BCC, at NW Irving & Broadway in Old Town/Chinatown). They range from personal documentary to live action horror, from comedic sketches to fictional dramas and a variety of animated shorts. The videos were conceived and produced by David Boston, Sumaiyya Evans, Eugene Olson, John Pinney, Russell Waggener. The project was organized and led by local artists, designers, and filmmakers, Carl Diehl, Ariana Jacob, Joan Lundell, Mack McFarland and Jeffrey Richardson who will also screen a selection of their works at the event.

Partially funded by a portion of the City of Portland Percent for Art set aside from the construction of Bud Clark Commons, the project is part of RACC’s intersections program, which encourages artists in all disciplines to explore new working methods and to develop socially engaging, interactive art experiences in community settings. Admission is free.