Temporary Public Art

RACC offers temporary public art opportunities to artists to engage the public without being concerned about building a permanent installation. Temporary artworks may be created with unusual media or installed in unexpected places. They may benefit a particular cause; pique public awareness of an important or timely issue; or simply add momentary beauty to a site. To search for the public art below go to Public Art Search.

Installation Space

(Manager: Keith Lachowicz)

The Installation Art Series features interactive and experimental media installations in a small space in the Portland Building’s lobby. Each installation is a month long and is selected through a juried process. The program presents challenging and diverse works that encourage the general public to re-examine its expectations and definitions of art through dialogue about the role of art in public spaces. With a modest honorarium, artists can share their work with a broad audience. If the accompanying “comment book” is any indication, the series is effective in achieving its aims to stimulate thought and provoke exchanges. Also see the Installation Space page.

in situ PORTLAND

(Manager: Kristin Calhoun)

The in situ PORTLAND program is designed to place challenging temporary artworks in outdoor public sites to serve as catalysts for conversations about art and/or community issues. RACC invites artists to submit conceptual approaches for a maximum duration of one year — there is no minimum. in situ is funded through a zoning bonus program for developers. Some public sites have pre-approval by the property owners, but artists may seek permission to use locations of their own choosing. Prior to final acceptance by a panel, semi-finalists’ proposals are reviewed by site owners for safety, environmental impact and right-of-way issues. View the in situ PORTLAND collection here.

intersections: public art residencies

(Manager: Peggy Kendellen, Kristin Calhoun)

intersections, a public art residency program, explores the “art of work” and the “work of art”. The program encourages artists in all disciplines to explore new working methods and develop socially engaging, interactive art experiences in community settings. Projects have occurred with the Portland Fire Bureau, the Multnomah County Department of Community Justice, and the County’s Health Department.