2023-24 RACC Arts3C Grants (Fall 2023 cycle)

The RACC Arts3C Grant Program is for the Creation, Cultivation & Community in the Portland metropolitan tri-county region. Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas County applicants who are creating and sharing arts and culture programming in all disciplines could apply for support for projects or activities in the arts. The following 253 RACC Arts3C Grants were awarded in December 2023 for a total of $978,000.

2023-24 RACC Arts3C Grant awards (Fall 2023 cycle):

Individual artists Working Title Primary Artistic Discipline  County Award
 Matthew Abadi [glass work exhibition] Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Stephanie Adams-Santos The Mollusk and Other Weird Tales Literature Washington County  $    5,000
 Ricardo Alvarado MAIZ Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Jonas Angelet A Beat Happening – 7 Year Anniversary Concert Music Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Raphael Arar [solo exhibition at Carnation Contemporary] Media Arts Multnomah County  $    1,000
 Ashlin Aronin The Gift Media Arts Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Mia Arvizu Plant Medicine Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Elizabeth Arzani From Garage to Ceramic Studio Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    4,000
 carlos baca PopCartPDX gear Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Onyx Baird Amrita Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Hannah Bakken Morris Satur – New Photogravure and Sculpture Works Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Jonathan Barcan Tomorrow May Not Be Like Today Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Claire Barrera future gestures Dance/Movement Multnomah County  $    5,000
 ilish bath Everywhen Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Palani Bearghost Morning Star Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Alexandra Behr Grief Stick Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Maryka Biaggio Awakened From the Dream of Life: A Novel Based on the True Story of the Woman Who Took Down a KKK Grand Dragon Literature Washington County  $    4,000
 RaShaunda Brooks & Here We Are – Proof of Concept Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 James Bullock Growing Pains Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Alex Callenberger Ambient Vol 1 Music Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Kimo Camat Kiki’s Delivery Service of Love Songs and Heartbreak Music Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Joyce Campbell Creative Studio and Community Space Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 May Maylisa Cat [Fok Fok Industries] Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Sabrina Cerquera DJ LAFLOR – Equipment Purchase for Further Artistic Development Music Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Suzanne  Chi Still Moving Dance/Movement Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Megan Chin [Anticapitalism for Artists book club] Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Gabriele Chodosh Finite Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Jax Chow How Portland Artists Work-A Visual Zine Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
Victoria Christen Exhibition : University of Portland: Covert Gallery, Spring 2024 Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Steven Christiansen Everybody Rides, Everybody Reads Literature Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Merideth Clark Siren Songs | Seasons Concert Series – 2024 Music Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Amaranta  Colindres Murals for Working Women of Color Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Licity Collins One Death in Seven Doorways: A New Spoken-Sung Opera (Composing Phase) Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    5,000
Epiphany Couch Let Your Ancestors Dress You at MASS MoCA Residency Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Jana Crenshaw “The Song You Heard” community performance, livestream, and podcast Music Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Callie Day Tinker Labs Music Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Lauren Day Tiny’s Mural Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Heldáy de la Cruz Provecho Magazine Issue 02 Literature Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Maria DeHart Bug Seance’s First Full Album Music Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Francesca DeMusz Oracle Roach Ceramics Studio Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Wyndi Desouza [studio space] Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Meera Duncan Sahira Loves Big Installation Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Hayley Durelle Walla Walla Feature Screenplay Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 kowkie durst “Exhibition: Ceramics Faculty – Past and Present”, Covert Gallery, University of Portland Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Elisabeth Ellison Doe Records Music Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Joseph Erikson Class Wars Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Izzy Fawson [Workshops on the history of struggle of the Filipino people] Socially-Engaged Art Washington County  $    5,000
 Devin Jane Febbroriello Color Theories film finishing and distro funds Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Andrew Fort HOCUS Fifth Anniversary Event and Publication Literature Multnomah County  $    1,000
 Joanie Fox Beatlore Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 J$Fur [album and zine] Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Jonathan Garcia [short film about suicide prevention focused on the Latinx community] Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Lonnie Garcia The Mall Rats Cartoonist Collective Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Julia Gaskill The Bigfoot Poetry Festival 2024 Literature Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Julie Gebron Audio Description Access for Live Events Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Anaïs  Genevieve Nonbinary Girlfriend Music Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Alessandra Genovese Bableton- Ableton for Babes! Music Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Bean Gilsdorf Wassaic Project Residency 2024 Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Joeanally Gonzalez Vidas Extraordinarias: Tapices de Historias de Inmigrantes a través del Arte (“Extraordinary Lives: Tapestries of Immigrant Stories through Art”) Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Pablo Gonzalez Hot Winter Collection Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Miranda Gorski Crystal Canopy premier album and live release show Music Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Elizabeth Haidle Existential Mushroom Comics Literature Multnomah County  $    2,000
 MJ Halberstadt The Usual Unusual reading Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Jacque Hammond In My Own Image Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Dylan Hankins REM Cycle Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Rachael Harms Mahlandt PDX Sidewalk Joy Art, Outreach, and Programming Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Thorn Hartspring Debut album recording and distribution Music Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Courtney Hermann Outliers and Outlaws Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Molly Herro Lovejoy Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Maryanna Hollomon Mid-Career exploration & advancement Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Anthony Hudson 2nd Annual Portland Drag Theatre Workshop Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Carlyn Hudson Women Choreographers of the Pacific Northwest Dance/Movement Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Joshua Huff Joshua Josue – Chicano/Americana Heritage Music Project Music Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Yiillus Youki Iimori Career Development through Mentorship Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    1,000
 Diane Jacobs Ceramic Art Residency at Township 10 in North Carolina Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Tallon Jakson Yamatala Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Katie Janovec Portland Popping Project Dance/Movement Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Linda K Johnson Portland Dance History and Lineage Podcast Dance/Movement Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Emma Josephson Sew into You Film/Video Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Andee Joyce Rhythm and Autism Theatre/Musical Theatre Washington County  $    1,000
 Emily Kepulis Falling Water and Other Landscapes Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Lara Kim Portland Furry Artist Residency Folk Arts/Cultural Arts Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Janna Kimel Chronic Pain Project Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Eleanor Klock Executive Amateur Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    1,000
 S Alexandra  Kudroff Creature Party EP Music Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Erin LaCerra Fostering Artistic Empowerment and Community Connection Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Limei Lai Life We Made, Letter We Wrote Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 kim lakin PDX Red Wall Project Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Ayana Lance Risograph purchase and photography zine Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Michael  Larson Humanizing Portland Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Matthew Laurents Solo exhibition of ceramic works Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Horatio Law Serenading the Departed Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Joshua Le About Face – Album from Letjoux Music Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Jenna Lechner Insects of the Pacific Northwest  – an ABC guide Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Catherine Lee To work with Substrate Arts Consulting Music Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Fritz Liedtke Embodying Chronic Illness Multi-Discipline Washington County  $    4,000
 Erik M.G. Fox In Glances Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Kelly Madden Spring 2024 Fashion Collection Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Brenda Mallory Career legacy and studio archiving Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Bon Malten Explorations in Printmaking Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Nay Mapalo Providing Low Cost Studio Recording, Mixing, and Workshops Music Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Rebecca Marrall Comics Cottage Literature Multnomah County  $    1,000
 rubén garcía marrufo Heaven’s Proxy Media Arts Multnomah County  $    5,000
 M. Martinez Soy Yo Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Faustina Masigat Home, Like a Wide Open Heart Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Corrine Matlak A Transcendental Experience Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Cambria Matlow Why Dig When You Can Pluck Film/Video Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Cameron McCafferty Baptism in the Mud Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Ivan McClellan Eight Seconds Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 aiyana monae mcclinton studio support Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Bri-Skye McKizzie Stay Litt’s Obsidian Stars: A Variety Show and Dance Party Multi-Discipline Washington County  $    2,000
 Alejandro Mercado Siegert Piña Mal Pelada Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Katherine Mergens Sensing / Gorge Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Jacob Miller LP3 – Jacob Miller Music Multnomah County  $    4,000
 serena milne Dye studio Folk Arts/Cultural Arts Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Nicholas Moler-Gallardo Career development project Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    1,000
 Todd Molinari after / time collective gallery – Exhibitions and Programming Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Bebe Montoya CTRL C/V: a queer femme-centered EP Music Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Mazey Moon The New Critique School Media Arts Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Caroline Moore Artist talks Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Elise Morris JamBallah NW 2024 Dance/Movement Washington County  $    5,000
 Jeanette Muibi Empowered By Jeanette Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Russ Musser Summer Solstice at Dreamfields Farm Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Gaylord Ndungu Studio Time – A community arts project Film/Video Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Sol Neelman Weird Sports Exhibition at Blue Sky Gallery Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Jenny Ng The Withdrawal – a short film Film/Video Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Aja Ngo Mosaic apprenteship with  Fernando Bekir, Argentina Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Celeste Noche Every Morning You Greet Me Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Christian Orellana Bauer ¿Imataq Sutiy? // What Is My Name? Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Matthew Packwood Oregon Origins Project IV: Convergence Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Andrew Paiko Moving Glass Towards a Sustainable Future Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Brian Parker The Things We Miss_Anthology of Magic in the Everyday Literature Washington County  $    5,000
 marvin parra A Small Prayer Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Anthony Parrish Time Travel 444 Collective Development Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Eduardo Perez Emerging Art Residency Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Krystal Pérez Nostalgia: A Safe Space Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Jennifer Perrine Beautiful Outlaw Literature Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Nicholas Peterson Rose City Park Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Kerry Politzer The Driveway Jazz Series – Summer 2024 Music Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Emilly Prado “Outlines on View,” a multimedia art project Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Nathaniel Praska Blinking Stupidly Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    1,000
 Katie Prentiss Wake Up Maggie Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Alyson Provax I’m worried that I’m alone in this feeling (working title) Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Ines Paulina Ramirez  Valdiviezo BRIGHT TEMPO Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Ari Rapkin Transatlantacism: A Circus Tribute Dance/Movement Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Jesse Rawlins LUME FEST Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Agata Rek Expansion of practice through equipment acquisition Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Daniela Repas [multimedia drawing installation] Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Michael Roberson Torpor Film/Video Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Anthony Roberto Object/Model, Figure/Form Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Lilith Rockett Kazegama Kiln Build and Firing Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Anna Rogers Physical disability equipment purchase for mural projects Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Morgan Rosskopf Stillness is the Move Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Zeinab Saab Framework for Framing Work Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Asia Safriwe Umi’s house Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Jonathan Salimes Real People Film/Video Multnomah County  $    1,000
 Maile Sand Leveling Up for Future Art Festivals Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Houshang  Sedighi Kurdish Dance teaching and performing Folk Arts/Cultural Arts Washington County  $    5,000
 Michael Shymanski Frontera volume 4: Phantoms // Fantasmas Literature Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Xara Silva Mestiza Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Marjorie Skinner Portland Fashion in the ’00s Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Eloise Smith Perennial Dance/Movement Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Rory Sparks Food Art Practice Residency Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Victoria Spelman Intimacy Director Certification Program Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Christopher Spivery [graphic novel and ‘The great shame reframe experiment’] Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Stephanie Starnes Ambient Healing Album Music Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Brett Stern Better Setter tile setter Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Teddy Stjarne Whatsits Goods + Sundries Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Hank Stowers Maritime Air 3: a Queer Ski Film Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Adam Sweeney Plums For Months: Memories of a Wonder-Filled Neurodivergent Childhood Film/Video Multnomah County  $    2,000
 Pace Taylor Custom framing opportunity Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Paige Thomas Individual with Instructions Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Mia Truman Sam’s 21st Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Mike Truong All The Homies Magazine Film/Video Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Orquidia Velasquez Near and Far Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Audrey Voon Heartsong: A Galentine’s Soul Sing Music Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Mike Vos MASS MoCA Artist Residency and Book Launch Exhibition Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    4,000
 RIOA wa RIOE [multimedia project featuring work by at-risk and unhoused youth] Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Kiara Walls Kitchen Screening and Exhibition Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County  $    3,000
 Ezra Weiss The Golem’s Gift Theatre/Musical Theatre Washington County  $    2,000
 Sarah Wentz Time after Time Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    1,000
 Isla-June Whitaker Something Good Will Find Us Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Amy Wike [operations and development support for design and illustration practice] Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000
 kelly williams Ireland residency Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Nicole Williford Vermont Studio Center residency Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Jennifer Wright Break to Build 2 Multi-Discipline Multnomah County  $    4,000
 Lynn Yarne Grandma Skillshare Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County  $    5,000
 Phyllis Yes At Home – early 70’s Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    1,000
 kate zipse Children’s Illustration – Professional development & portfolio showcase Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County  $    2,000


Organizations Working Title Primary Artistic Discipline  County Award
45th Parallel Sound Investment Music Multnomah County $5,000
Alberta Rose Theatre 2nd Annual International Booklover’s Burlesque Festival Dance/Movement Multnomah County $5,000
All Saints Episcopal Church Neighbors Helping Neighbors Mural Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County $5,000
Ambiguous Animals, LLC Death’s Door Film/Video Multnomah County $5,000
AUGURY HOUSE Heavy Light: A Hei Tu Story Film/Video Washington County $5,000
Bedrock Theatre Hibernate [Working Title] Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah County $5,000
Berm BERM Magazine Issue #5 – Joy Literature Multnomah County $5,000
Brave Atlas Brave Atlas Etching Studio Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County $4,000
Bridging Voices LGBTQ+ and allied youth chorus operating support Music Multnomah County $3,000
Building Five The Ground Beneath Us Multi-Discipline Multnomah County $5,000
Carnation Contemporary LLC Carnation Contemporary and SOIL Collaboration Exchange Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County $5,000
Cascadia Arts Association Troutdale Arts Festival Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County $5,000
Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective CPPAC Intergenerational Program Multi-Discipline Multnomah County $5,000
Classical Up Close 2024 Spring Music Festival Music Washington County $5,000
congruency dance collective congruency dance collective presents : spectra Dance/Movement Multnomah County $5,000
Crave Theatre Company Accessible Arts Education Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah County $5,000
Dance United All-Ages Holi Celebration Folk Arts/Cultural Arts Multnomah County $5,000
East Portland Collective Historic Lents Placemaking Mural by East Portland Collective & Alex Chiu Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County $5,000
Eastside Jewish Commons Indie Lens Pop Up Film/Video Multnomah County $2,000
Flight 64 Studio Studio improvements Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County $2,000
Forest Grove High School Band Program Music Washington County $1,000
Friends of Saturday Academy Experiential art residencies for K-12 students Multi-Discipline Multnomah County $5,000
Gresham Japanese Garden Illuminating Gresham Japanese Garden Folk Arts/Cultural Arts Multnomah County $5,000
Hillsboro Artists’ Regional Theatre Lighting Upgrades 2024 Theatre/Musical Theatre Washington County $2,000
In Medio Sing, My Child Music Multnomah County $5,000
India Cultural Association India Festival Multi-Discipline Washington County $5,000
LineStorm Playwrights LineStorm Playwrights Bi-Monthly Reading Series and LineStorm Playwrights Fertile Ground Lunchtime Reading Series Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah County $5,000
Lovegood Performing Arts Company Neurodivergent Training Theatre/Musical Theatre Washington County $1,000
Make Music Day PDX, Inc. Make Music Day PDX Music Multnomah County $2,000
Marcescence Magazine LLC Marcescence Magazine First Issue Production Literature Multnomah County $3,000
Medicine Bear Native American Spiritual Encampment Latino Network Art of the Ancestors Multi-Discipline Multnomah County $5,000
Municipal Eco Resiliency Project Food Sovereignty Media Series – Music Video Music Multnomah County $5,000
On the Inside On the Inside: Building Community and Breaking Down Walls Through Storytelling Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County $5,000
Oregon Arts Watch Expanded Stage & Studio Podcast Media Arts Multnomah County $5,000
Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education The Burned Piano Project: Finding Music In the Deafening Noise of Hatred Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County $5,000
Performance Works NorthWest Alembic Artist Residency and Performance Dance/Movement Multnomah County $3,000
Peruvian Cultural Festival And Events ReinventArte Folk Arts/Cultural Arts Washington County $5,000
Play It Forward Cultivate Creative Children Music Washington County $5,000
Portland Child Art Studio [free classes for Vibrant! Building residents] Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County $5,000
Portland Community College Foundation Refractions: A Time-Based Art Screening Series Multi-Discipline Multnomah County $5,000
Portland in Color Annual Operations Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County $5,000
Portland Lesbian Choir Love Who You Love June 2024 Music Multnomah County $5,000
Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival POWGirls Workshops & Screening – 2024 Film/Video Multnomah County $5,000
Prismagic LLC Heaven’s Kitchen Dance/Movement Multnomah County $5,000
QDoc: Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival QDoc Film Fest / Portland’s LGBTQ+ Documentary Film Festival 2023 Film/Video Multnomah County $5,000
Renegade Opera Renegade Opera’s 2024 Artists in Conversation Festival Music Multnomah County $5,000
Risk/Reward 2024 General Operating Support Multi-Discipline Multnomah County $5,000
NitAl Consulting Service, Inc Art for happiness Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Washington County $2,000
Secret Room Press Secret Room Press Pop-Up Gallery & Shop Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County $4,000
Stage Fright Stage Fright Festival 2024 Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah County $5,000
STAGES Youth Academy Support for new Artistic Director of STAGES Youth Academy Theatre/Musical Theatre Washington County $5,000
Studio Metropolis Inc [Queer-coded Graphic Novel- Alice in Wonderland retelling] Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County $4,000
Sweetbriar Elementary Drums Alive for Elementary Students Music Multnomah County $4,000
The Arc Portland Metro Club Mosaic, an Art Pilot Project for Adults Who Experience IDD Socially-Engaged Art Multnomah County $5,000
The Rockwood Center Sound and Lights for Community Event Spaces Folk Arts/Cultural Arts Multnomah County $5,000
Transformative Living Community, International BIPOC Family Camping & Arts Retreat, 2024 Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah County $5,000
Unlock the Arts Inc [expressive writing workshop at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility] Literature Multnomah County $5,000
Portland Winter Light Festival Light Festival Artistic Leadership Team Multi-Discipline Multnomah County $5,000
Willowbrook Center for the Development of Human Potential Willowbrook All Year – Expanding Creativity Multi-Discipline Washington County $5,000
Wonderfolk Unity Through Arts – Portland Youth Video Yearbook Film/Video Multnomah County $5,000
Woodland Sung Productions Beaver State Film/Video Multnomah County $5,000
XRAY.FM Securing Permanent Broadcast Access for Local, Underrepresented Voices Media Arts Multnomah County $5,000
Young People’s Theatre Project, Inc Summer Performing Arts Camp Theatre/Musical Theatre Washington County $5,000
ZENA ZEZZA sidony o’neal and Derek Franklin exhibition and events Multi-Discipline Multnomah County $3,000

Supporting RACC & Contacting Portland City Council

The recent announcement by City of Portland Commissioner Dan Ryan to discontinue its 28-year contract with the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) has ignited a passionate response within the creative community. RACC, a 501(c)(3) organization, has been a steadfast advocate for artists and creatives in the tri-county region, ensuring equitable access to funding, resources, and opportunities. This decision raises questions about the future of art and culture in our beloved city, and it’s essential that we rally together to ensure our artistic community remains vibrant and flourishing.

As we grapple with this decision, it’s important to remember that our collective voice can drive change. We have the power to advocate for artistic equity and ensure that RACC’s vital contributions continue to enrich the lives of countless individuals in our city. To that end, RACC has provided tools and templates for written and oral testimony that you can use to voice your support and concerns to City of Portland Commissioners.

Taking Action: Making Your Voice Heard
By utilizing the tools and templates provided by RACC, you can draft emails or letters to City of Portland Commissioners, expressing your views and urging them to reconsider the decision. Download the templates at the right, personalize them with your thoughts and experiences, and send them to the provided email or physical addresses. https://www.portland.gov/council-clerk/engage-council 

Email Council Members
Mayor Ted Wheeler: mayorwheeler@portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Carmen Rubio Carmen.Rubio@portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Dan Ryan Dan.Ryan@portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Rene Gonzalez gonzalezoffice@portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Mingus Mapps Mingus.Mapps@portlandoregon.gov

Submit Written Testimony
Written testimony may be submitted for specific agenda items by visiting the Council agenda or by mail to: Council Clerk, 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 130, Portland, OR 97204. Written testimony is not read out loud into the record during the meeting.

Please submit written testimony by visiting the Council Agenda (testimony is not accepted by email).  Please call 503-823-4082
Reference: Engage with Council Page

Together, let’s paint a future where art knows no boundaries, where diverse voices are celebrated, and where creativity flourishes in every corner of our city. Through our collective efforts, we can ensure that RACC’s legacy endures, enriching our lives and those of future generations through the power of art and culture.

Here are other ways how you can make your voice heard and stand up for RACC’s important work:

Donate to Support RACC

Your financial support can make a tangible difference in sustaining RACC’s programs and initiatives. As a 501(c)(3) organization, RACC leverages public and private funding to champion artists and creatives. Your contribution ensures that their crucial work continues to flourish. Form can be found here.

Participate in City Council Meetings

City Council meetings offer a platform to share your thoughts and experiences. By providing written or oral testimony, you can influence the decision-making process and highlight the importance of RACC’s role in fostering artistic diversity and inclusion. RACC’s Advocacy Hub provides templates and tools to help you prepare effective testimony.

Arts Oversight Committee- Arts Education & Access Income Tax Fund

These meetings are open to the public and convene virtually. The committee is comprised of a group of Portland volunteers who are passionate about arts and culture in our community and work to ensure the AEAF monies are spent according to the ballot measure passed by the residents in the City of Portland in 2012. For more information go here.

Engage in Open Dialogue

Communication is key during this pivotal time. Please join us for our Community Engagement Series, happening now at various community spaces around the region. If you have questions, concerns, or insights regarding the situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to RACC at advocacy@racc.org. Your feedback and engagement are vital in shaping the direction of their advocacy efforts.

Apply for the Arts3C Grant

If you’re an artist or creative looking to contribute to the cultural landscape, consider applying for the Arts3C Grant. This grant program, now open for Fall 2023 applications, offers invaluable opportunities to bring your artistic visions to life and contribute to Portland’s thriving arts scene.

Shaping a Brighter Future for the Arts
As we stand united in support of RACC, we’re not only advocating for an organization; we’re advocating for the very heart and soul of our creative community. RACC’s dedication to equitable access, representation, and artistic enrichment has transformed countless lives and empowered artists to express themselves authentically.


RACC Grantee North Pole Studio Recount their Experience at the Outsider Art Fair

In the spring of 2020, North Pole Studio emerged as a testament to creative inclusion and artistic empowerment. In June of 2023, I spoke with Sula Willson about the organization and their recent experience at the Outsider Art Fair in New York City, a trip made possible through a Regional Arts & Culture Council Arts3C grant. Co-founded by a dedicated group of artists, educators, and advocates — Sula Willson, Mary Ellen Andersen, Davis Wohlford, Sarah Mensah — the organization serves as a robust platform supporting careers in the arts, particularly for artists with autism and intellectual/developmental disabilities. As Willson shared in our conversation, “…we decided to open North Pole Studio as another option for folks who needed a creative space that was intentionally smaller, intentionally quieter, and highly individualized.” 

A large, colorful artwork filled with bold lines and abstract shapes sits on a wall. Below it, a comfy looking couch. On the adjacent wall sit five smaller artworks of varying size.

Housed in NW Marine Artworks, Portland’s largest collaborative of professional artist studios, North Pole Studio is more than a 1,200 sq/ft space for creation: it embodies the belief that understanding diverse human experiences is foundational to a vibrant and whole community. With an unwavering commitment to fostering self-determination and facilitating meaningful connections, the organization ensures that its artists thrive as visible contributors to both local and national contemporary art communities. “We always say that the space belongs to the artists… and we are here to facilitate whatever artists come to create and pursue,” says Willson, encapsulating the mission of North Pole Studio and its focused approach. 

In a vertical line, three small paintings on cardboard sit on a wall. Each depict colorful, costumed, faceless figures. To the right and left are more gestural and abstract framed works. A potted plant peeks into the left side of the image.

Communication is central at North Pole Studio, bridging gaps and enabling artists to navigate opportunities and employment within the art world and beyond. Willson explains, “…we scaffold communication in a lot of different ways, but we use a lot of social stories, visual supports,” tailoring contracts or other documents that may be inaccessible to individual artists. Collaboratively, unique strategies are crafted for each artist. For some artists like James Enos, the studio acts as the primary liaison with his book dealer. For others, like Austin Brague, guidance is provided as he applies for opportunities independently.  The need for spaces like this studio is great, as evidenced by North Pole Studio’s rapid growth. As the organization begins to tackle questions of growth and scalability, one thing is clear: at North Pole Studio, the individual needs of the artists will always take center stage. 

As with many arts nonprofits, the challenging landscape of funding underscores their mission. In an endeavor to make their workshops more accessible, the studio has introduced a sliding scale fee for all programs, which in turn amplifies the need for more robust external funding. Despite this terrain, the determination of Willson, Andersen, and the myriad collaborators that allow the space to run smoothly, remains unwavering. What keeps them going is their recognition of the transformative influence that this support and advocacy has on artists’ lives. Willson describes, “having someone recognize that you are capable of something bigger than you thought… is empowering within itself.” 

In our conversation, Willson highlighted North Pole Studio’s core belief of fostering individual growth and opening doors to opportunities for artists with autism and intellectual/developmental disabilities. Their commitment to this mission was brought to life when they attended the Outsider Art Fair in New York City, made possible through funding from RACC. This experience served as both an enriching platform for their artists and a milestone in the studio’s journey. Now, to truly capture the experience, let’s turn to the team at North Pole Studio, who share below their firsthand reflections and insights from the fair: 

In March 2022, RAAC awarded an Arts3C grant that made it possible for North Pole Studio to represent three artists at the highly competitive Outsider Art Fair in New York City. This eye-opening and career-changing exhibition opportunity would not have been possible without RACC’s funding, and we are deeply grateful for the support. The fair was a true whirlwind — an enriching, educational, challenging, colorful experience that provided a valuable new perspective for our staff, artists, and their advocates, family members, and community members.

The Outsider Art Fair is the largest exhibition of self-taught artists in the world. It occurs biannually in Paris and New York, and is internationally attended by exhibitors, visitors, and patrons alike. “Outsider Art” or art brut (raw art) historically describes artists who are creating outside of educational institutions and traditional techniques, or those without exposure to (whether intentional or not) or influence from popular art culture and trends. Aesthetically and philosophically, this work has a rawness to it — and is valued for its pure, expressive, seemingly unselfconscious quality which captures the artists’ completely original experience.A scanned piece of paper filled with pink and red handwriting.

Some of the most renowned “Outsider” artists include Bill Traylor, who was born into slavery and began creating art in his eighties; Martín Ramírez, a railway worker who was institutionalized with schizophrenia in his later life; and Judith Scott, a deaf woman with Down’s Syndrome who discovered her creative voice in a supported art studio. In the contemporary art world, the “Outsider Art” movement has broadened significantly, encompassing a diverse community of artists both dead and living. Today, the commonality among artists represented at the fair is that they are entirely self-taught, and are creating extraordinary artwork in a style and technique that is completely their own. 

As the field has evolved, the term “Outsider” itself has become controversial. Many of the artists represented at the fair are from marginalized communities, including artists that are low-income, disabled, and BIPOC with many intersections in between. North Pole Studio is intentionally embedded inside the professional arts community. Our location is a strategic choice to combat the isolation and access barriers that artists with disabilities continue to face in their communities. While almost all of the artists we serve are entirely self-taught, the desire to identify as an “Outsider” in the art world varies from artist-to-artist and is rejected by many.

North Pole Studio is part of a nationwide movement of progressive art studios who are working to amplify the voices and work of artists with disabilities. The energy of this movement is vibrant, and very much alive at the fair. Using these funds from RACC, we were so proud to represent artists Austin Brague, Dan Tran, and James Enos. Our highlight by far was having Austin and Dan join us in New York City to represent their work firsthand. Austin worked on his submission for over a year — a large scale pen and ink drawing of New York City — which he triumphantly sold at the fair, breaking many New Yorker hearts. Artist James Enos is co-represented by Booklyn, Inc. and this was his second appearance at the fair. He also sold an original work on the first day. James’ work truly stands out at the fair, as he is among a minority of artists working in book form and has developed an unparalleled binding technique, which includes large-scale illustrations which can fold out over 5 feet long. Dan Tran is a rising star in the progressive art world, and it was our pleasure to make face-to-face introductions to fans from all over the country who continue to follow his work.

Austin shared that he had no idea that he was part of such a vast community of self-taught and disabled artists. He was “blown away by the creativity, how vast the collection of work is…[he] had no idea.” Selling work at this level made him realize that success as a professional artist is in reach, and it has motivated him to focus his art practice and dream bigger moving forward. Prior to joining North Pole Studio, many of the artists we serve were creating work in isolation, with little access to resources and exposure. Beyond the art sales and professional connections, the community aspect was perhaps the most powerful impact of our experience at the Outsider Art Fair — the sense of place and connection with an international community of self-taught artists who are valued as professionals, and core contributors to art history and contemporary art. 

We learned so much, and returned to Portland with valuable insights to share with North Pole Studio’s community, and Portland’s art community at large. We can’t wait to go back!

To learn more about North Pole Studio, please visit their website. They are currently seeking new artists to join their Main Studio Program this year. If you or someone you know is seeking supported studio space and looking to connect with a community of artists, they’d love to hear from you!

Image Captions, from top to bottom: A glimpse inside of North Pole Studio’s cozy, art-filled space. Detail of various artworks hung on the studio wall. Work by James Enos, Writing

RACC Seeks Grants Community Panel Reviewers | Arts3C (Fall 2023 Cycle)

Grants · Remote

The Regional Arts Culture Council (RACC) has one mission – to enrich our communities through arts and culture. We believe that the arts have the power to change hearts and minds, and to inspire social change. We also believe that arts and culture are key elements in creating desirable places to live, learn, work, and visit.

RACC’s Arts3C Grant is an opportunity for artists, arts organizations, and arts-related businesses to apply for funding to fulfill a variety of needs, from creative project production to individual professional development to organizational administrative support. Applicants from all artistic disciplines are welcome to submit proposals, and the grant is offered twice annually. Awarded grantees are selected through a competitive process of proposal review by numerous panels of artists, arts professionals, and community representatives. The work performed by the Community Panel Reviewers directly empowers people from all walks of life to access a wide range of artistic and cultural experiences. For more information about Art3C and recent cycles of the grant, please visit https://racc.org/grants/arts3c/.

RACC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and strives to cultivate Equity in all of our programs. Prejudice and privilege have created barriers that RACC must dismantle, systematically and strategically, until everyone in our community has equitable access to arts and culture. We strive to put together panels comprised of members with a diversity of lived experiences, so that our review cohort reflects the communities it serves. If you are interested in committing your insight, expertise, and time to this process, we look forward to hearing from you.

The Opportunity: Community Panel Reviewer | Contractor Position

Position Summary: Regional Arts and Culture Council is currently accepting applications from individuals seeking to serve as grant proposal reviewers for the Arts3C grant program. This is a short-term, contracted opportunity. Reviewers will perform and complete their work between mid-September and mid-December 2023.

Contracted Reviewers will serve on 1-3 Arts3C panels; each panel evaluates approximately 25-35 proposals. Reviewers will consider, score, and discuss all applications before recommending a slate of recipients to RACC; all tasks and meetings will be conducted online.

To be eligible for the role, Reviewers must be practicing artists and/or have experience facilitating or curating arts programming or managing an arts-based business. Additionally, while no duties for this opportunity require in-person attendance, Reviewers must live or work in RACC’s tri-county service area (Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas counties). Community members who have not recently or have never served on a RACC panel are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please note: Community Panel Reviewers are not eligible to apply for their own Arts3C grant while participating as a contractor; however, past recipients of RACC grants, up to and including the most recent cycle of Arts3C, are eligible to participate.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities: Complete grant reviewer orientation via Zoom.* (Approximately 1-2 hours) Independently review and provide written feedback on all assigned application materials in the RACC Opportunity Portal online system. (Approximately 10-20 hours per panel)
Attend and participate in assigned panel meetings via Zoom.* (One meeting, approximately 2 hours in duration, per panel)
Provide feedback to RACC on your experience following the conclusion of the process. *Zoom meetings and trainings are scheduled once reviewers have been selected and are primarily hosted during RACC weekday work hours (8:30am-5pm).

Role Requirements & Eligibility: Reviewers must be active in the arts/creative fields and live or work in RACC’s tri-county service area.
Reviewers must be comfortable discussing and assessing applications based on RACC’s evaluation criteria and scoring rubrics.
Reviewers must sign Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Agreements and maintain confidentiality throughout the process and in perpetuity following its conclusion.
Reviewers must have reliable access to the internet for grant review and use Zoom for panel meetings.

Compensation: Reviewers are compensated in fixed rates of approximately $250-$350 per panel on which they serve. The exact rate per panel will be determined at the conclusion of the grant application period and is based on the number of proposals in each panel group.
Reviewers are contracted for one or more panels based on applicant pool size and reviewer availability.
Compensation is processed within 20 business days upon successful completion of the Reviewer’s panel meetings.

If you have questions in advance of submitting your application, please email grants@racc.org. Please do not email applications to this address. Only applications submitted through Bamboo HR will be accepted.

To apply: Please submit a resume and answer the following questions:

Applications submitted by September 25 at 5pm will be given priority. Position will remain open until filled. Please apply here.

Application Questions

  1. How have you increased your knowledge and practice of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Access (EDIA) topics?
  2. How are you involved in the arts community?
  3. What do you consider the primary (and secondary, if applicable) artistic disciplines/mediums you are qualified to review? (e.g., theater, visual arts, music, film, dance, social practice)
  4. Describe your prior experience (if any) with the review, evaluation, or critique of projects/proposals.
  5. What interests you about the role of Community Panel Reviewer?
  6. Describe your lived experience that may contribute to RACC assembling a diverse cohort of reviewers.
  7. Have you engaged with RACC’s programs or services in the past? If yes, how so?
  8. How did you learn about this opportunity?
  9. Provide a link to online website or creative portfolio, if available.

OPB’s Think Out Loud captures RACC response to City Defunding Announcement

By Josué Rivas

Uniting in Support of RACC: Advocating for Artistic Equity in Portland

The recent announcement by City of Portland Commissioner Dan Ryan to discontinue its 28-year contract with the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) has sparked concern and uncertainty within the creative community. RACC, a 501(c)(3) organization, has been a steadfast advocate for artists and creatives in the tri-county region, ensuring equitable access to funding and resources. RACC’s leadership recently had the opportunity to discuss this development on today’s edition (7/27/23) of Think Out Loud, shedding light on the crucial role they play in promoting artistic diversity and inclusion in Portland and tri-county region.

Carol Tatch, RACC Co-Executive Director, and Debby Garman, RACC Board Interim Chair and Treasurer spoke with Dave Miller regarding the recent announcement. Thank you for your support for RACC! Listen to the full recording here.

How you can support RACC:

As we face this challenging moment, there are numerous ways we can stand in solidarity with RACC and support their mission. Donating to RACC is an impactful way to contribute to their efforts in advocating for artistic equity. Your support will help sustain their vital programs and initiatives, ensuring artists and creatives have the resources they need to thrive.

  • Support RACC! We are a 501(c)(3) committed to ensuring equitable access to funding and advocacy for artists and creatives in the tri-county region. Donate here.
  • Testify at City Council meetings (tools and templates for written and oral testimony and letters to City of Portland Commissioners is available on our Advocacy Hub.
  • Let us know how you feel! Please send any inquiries to advocacy@racc.org.
  • Apply for a Grant! The Arts3C Grant application process for Fall 2023 has opened!

RACC completes our 2023 Fiscal Year with record number of grant awards investing in our creative community

The Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) is pleased to announce the distribution of substantial funds made between July 2022 and June 2023, totaling over $7.8 million, to support individual artists, arts organizations, and many art projects across the tri-county region. Grant funding is made possible by public investment and partnership from the City of Portland, Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties, Metro, and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). RACC grants are awarded through competitive programs, primarily General Operating Support (GOS) and the new Arts3C Grant, that engage with Community Reviewers in the decision making process. These evolving grant programs are a testament to RACC’s commitment to foster a vibrant arts community and ensure equitable access to artistic experiences for all residents

Our ability to strategically ensure that our community continues to be centered as we navigate the changes brought about by the recent pandemic and social justice and equity initiatives is informed by our community, who holds us accountable, and who can see and experience the returns on their investment in RACC. These funds are from community, for community. We are grateful stewards and leaders ensuring an equitable process and program. Our private/public partnerships with our local, state, and national governments are the bedrock for these opportunities. Our success relies on thoughtful collaboration and transparency in our processes,” Carol Tatch, RACC’s Chief for External Operations.

This past years’ increased number of applicants reflect the growth in creative activity and the expanding needs of art producers. Over 60 artists, arts administrators, and arts board members reviewed applications, participated on panels, and contributed to the work in making the record number of grant awards. Four arts organizations, Alberta Abbey Foundation, Caldera, Lan Su Chinese Garden, and Resonance Vocal Ensemble, were accepted into the General Operating Support program partnership, bringing the total number of groups that receive ongoing unrestricted grant support up to 70. A list of all GOS organizations and their award amounts is available online at racc.org/ grants/grant-awards/.

Most notably, in two cycles of Arts3C grants in the last year, RACC received a total of 1100 eligible applications and awarded $1,735,000 to 452 unique recipients. RACC received 856 eligible applications and awarded $1,143,000 to 385 unique recipients in the comparable program in FY22. This ongoing growth in arts activities and interest in public grant support follows a trend that RACC has been tracking since before the pandemic.

This last year, RACC was able to make a special allocation of $2.4 million to our GOS and Capacity Building arts organizations, made possible thanks to Portland residents that voted for and paid into the Arts Education & Access Income Tax Fund (AEAF), also known as the Arts Education Tax. RACC has had a Board-approved reserve fund since 2018 when they received an unexpected allocation of arts tax revenues collected by the city. Some of those funds were distributed to partner arts organizations in a special allocation that same year and another distribution was made three years ago during the pandemic. The funds distributed through the AEAF will enhance the capacity of diverse art organizations–from visual arts institutions to performing arts organizations and cultural event programmers–to sustain their programs, outreach initiatives, and administrative functions. By providing general operating support, RACC’s distribution of its portion of AEAF funds strengthens the foundational pillars of these organizations and supports their continued vitality and the community’s access to meaningful engagement with the arts.

RACC launched the Fall cycle of Arts3C Grants on July 26, 2023, and will be offering the opportunity to apply to be a Community Reviewer in early August. While the number of applicants grows and the processes remain competitive, RACC team members continue to invest in artists and applicants through time, information, support, and learning opportunities, not to mention grant funding. RACC’s Grants team is available to answer questions and support applicants in all the grant programs.


RACC grants team: grants@racc.org

Committed to serving our Arts and Culture Community!

RACC remains committed to serving our Arts and Culture Community!

On Friday, the late afternoon of July 21st, RACC leadership received news regarding the pending cessation of our contract with the City of Portland as of June 30, 2024. We were not surprised, yet disappointed that this news was shared without discussion given our 28-year long partnership with the City of Portland. Since Friday, there have been a number of articles that point to a city and RACC collaboration; however, RACC is not aware of any type of plan.

To our Portland community, we are looking forward to continuing our work with you. RACC is a nonprofit with a mission to ensure that there is access to arts and culture in every community. You are allies for our work and you have a voice and a say in how your tax dollars are spent. RACC continues to be a great investment as our processes are transparent for the allocation of grant and award dollars, they are informed by community at every opportunity, and we live in the practice of centering equity in our decision making. Help us tell our story to Portland City Council by telling your story.

To the wider community we serve across all three counties, and for creatives across the nation who have been impacted by our programs that include an internationally lauded Public Art program and an equity-centered Grants program, know that the RACC Team and board of directors is here to support you. For our local, state, and national partners, we will continue to engage with you, ensuring the mission and vision of RACC, and our community, continue to be paramount in our work. As people, we connect through our cultures and the art that is expressed from that space. As community, we share understanding and thoughtful engagement. These points of connection help us through each day and ensure that we are aware of each other—doing right by each other. RACC will continue to do right by you. It is our promise. Join with us to tell your RACC story at advocacy@racc.org. We will provide other ways to support RACC in the coming days.

RACC has represented community since its founding in 1995 and the creation of an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) that named RACC as the local arts agency for Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties, Metro, and the City of Portland. RACC, as a non-profit, is able to leverage local and national government funding, as well as private funding, to ensure that our community is has dollars invested in its creative people and arts/culture-serving organizations. We know that the creative sector is an economic driver for any community, and we look forward to reporting the results of the latest Arts and Economic Prosperity (AEP6) survey in the next few months for ours. Past Portland civic leaders understood the importance of a collaborative, independent partner in the arts advancing equitable initiatives to support community. They expressly worked to ensure that RACC continued to meet the needs of community and continued to serve as a counterpoint to inequitable funding practices and inadequate community engagement. Thank you for supporting artists and creatives to spark change and healing in our communities.