Committed to serving our Arts and Culture Community!

RACC remains committed to serving our Arts and Culture Community!

On Friday, the late afternoon of July 21st, RACC leadership received news regarding the pending cessation of our contract with the City of Portland as of June 30, 2024. We were not surprised, yet disappointed that this news was shared without discussion given our 28-year long partnership with the City of Portland. Since Friday, there have been a number of articles that point to a city and RACC collaboration; however, RACC is not aware of any type of plan.

To our Portland community, we are looking forward to continuing our work with you. RACC is a nonprofit with a mission to ensure that there is access to arts and culture in every community. You are allies for our work and you have a voice and a say in how your tax dollars are spent. RACC continues to be a great investment as our processes are transparent for the allocation of grant and award dollars, they are informed by community at every opportunity, and we live in the practice of centering equity in our decision making. Help us tell our story to Portland City Council by telling your story.

To the wider community we serve across all three counties, and for creatives across the nation who have been impacted by our programs that include an internationally lauded Public Art program and an equity-centered Grants program, know that the RACC Team and board of directors is here to support you. For our local, state, and national partners, we will continue to engage with you, ensuring the mission and vision of RACC, and our community, continue to be paramount in our work. As people, we connect through our cultures and the art that is expressed from that space. As community, we share understanding and thoughtful engagement. These points of connection help us through each day and ensure that we are aware of each other—doing right by each other. RACC will continue to do right by you. It is our promise. Join with us to tell your RACC story at advocacy@racc.org. We will provide other ways to support RACC in the coming days.

RACC has represented community since its founding in 1995 and the creation of an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) that named RACC as the local arts agency for Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties, Metro, and the City of Portland. RACC, as a non-profit, is able to leverage local and national government funding, as well as private funding, to ensure that our community is has dollars invested in its creative people and arts/culture-serving organizations. We know that the creative sector is an economic driver for any community, and we look forward to reporting the results of the latest Arts and Economic Prosperity (AEP6) survey in the next few months for ours. Past Portland civic leaders understood the importance of a collaborative, independent partner in the arts advancing equitable initiatives to support community. They expressly worked to ensure that RACC continued to meet the needs of community and continued to serve as a counterpoint to inequitable funding practices and inadequate community engagement. Thank you for supporting artists and creatives to spark change and healing in our communities.

FY2022-23 General Operating Support Grant Awards

Learn more about RACC’s General Operating Support program.

General Operating Support Partner Base Awards

Cycle 1 – Reports received in December 2022 and awarded January 2023

  • Artists Repertory Theatre – $60,000
  • Blue Sky Gallery (Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts) – $15,000
  • Literary Arts – $60,000
  • Portland Center Stage – $100,000
  • Portland Youth Philharmonic – $45,000
  • The Portland Ballet – $30,000
  • Third Angle New Music – $15,000

Cycle 2 – Reports received in February 2023 and awarded in March 2023

  • Arts for Learning NW (Young Audiences) – $45,000
  • BodyVox – $45,000
  • Boom Arts – $15,000
  • CoHo Productions – $20,000
  • Metropolitan Youth Symphony – $30,000
  • Oregon Ballet Theatre – $100,000
  • Oregon Contemporary – $20,000
  • Outside the Frame – $20,000
  • Portland Art Museum – $175,000
  • Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra – $20,000
  • Portland Opera – $85,000
  • Portland Playhouse – $45,000
  • Profile Theatre – $30,000
  • Shaking the Tree Theatre – $20,000
  • Street Books – $15,000
  • Third Rail Repertory Theatre – $20,000
  • White Bird – $30,000

Cycle 3 – Reports received in May 2022 and awarded in June 2022

  • Bag & Baggage Productions (Washington County) – $30,000
  • Broadway Rose Theatre Company (Washington County) – $60,000
  • Cappella Romana – $30,000
  • Chamber Music Northwest – $45,000
  • Children’s Healing Art Project – $15,000
  • Corrib Theatre – $15,000
  • Echo Theater Company – $30,000
  • Ethos Music Center – $30,000
  • Friends of Chamber Music – $30,000
  • Friends of Noise (All Ages Music Portland)- $15,000
  • Hand2Mouth – $15,000
  • Hollywood Theatre (Film Action Oregon) – $60,000
  • Imago Theatre – $20,000
  • Independent Publishing Resource Center – $15,000
  • Lakewood Center for the Arts (Clackamas County) – $45,000
  • Live Wire Radio – $30,000
  • My Voice Music – $20,000
  • New Expressive Works – $15,000
  • Northwest Children’s Theater & School – $60,000
  • NW Dance Project – $45,000
  • NW Documentary Arts & Media – $15,000
  • Oregon BRAVO Youth Orchestras – $45,000
  • Oregon Children’s Theatre – $60,000
  • Oregon Symphony Association – $175,000
  • Pacific Youth Choir – $20,000
  • PassinArt: A Theatre Company – $15,000
  • PDX Jazz – $30,000
  • PHAME – $30,000
  • PETE (Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble) – $15,000
  • Polaris Dance Theatre – $15,000
  • Portland Baroque Orchestra – $45,000
  • Portland Gay Men’s Chorus – $20,000
  • Portland Institute for Contemporary Art – $45,000
  • Portland Piano International – $20,000
  • Portland Street Art Alliance – $20,000
  • Portland Taiko – $15,000
  • PlayWrite, Inc – $15,000
  • The Red Door Project – $30,000
  • Triangle Productions – $20,000
  • World Stage Theatre – $15,000
  • Write Around Portland – $20,000


GOS New Partner Organizations awarded June 2023

  • Alberta Abbey Foundation – $15,000
  • Caldera – $30,000
  • Lan Su Chinese Garden – $30,000
  • Resonance Vocal Ensemble – 15,000


Capacity Building Organizations participating in FY22-23

  • ArtMax Academy (Washington County) – $25,000
  • Cymaspace – $25,000
  • En Taiko- $25,000
  • Instituto de Cultura e Arte In Xochitl In Cuicatl – $25,000
  • MediaRites – $25,000
  • Rejoice Diaspora Dance Theater- $25,000
  • Takohashi- $25,000
  • Theatre Diaspora- $25,000
  • Vanport Mosiac – $25,000
  • World Arts Foundation- $25,000


GOS Investment Awards – awarded June 2023

  • Artists Repertory Theatre – $19,300
  • Arts for Learning Northwest (Young Audiences) – $9,300
  • Bag & Baggage Productions – $3,000
  • Blue Sky Gallery (Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts) – $8,200
  • Bodyvox – $15,900
  • Boom Arts – $28,500
  • Broadway Rose Theatre Company – $6,000
  • Cappella Romana – $15,200
  • Chamber Music Northwest – $15,200
  • Coho Productions – $17,800
  • Corrib Theatre – $5,900
  • Ethos Music Center – $26,300
  • Friends of Noise (All Ages Music Portland – $10,700
  • Hand2Mouth – $16,300
  • Hollywood Theatre (Film Action Oregon – $18,900
  • Imago Theatre – $7,400
  • Independent Publishing Resource Center – $27,400
  • Lakewood Center for the Arts – $6,000
  • Literary Arts – $27,400
  • Live Wire Radio – $7,800
  • Metropolitan Youth Symphony – $20,400
  • My Voice Music – $26,700
  • New Expressive Works – $13,300
  • Northwest Children’s Theater & School – $24,800
  • Northwest Dance Project – $7,800
  • Oregon Ballet Theatre – $11,900
  • Oregon BRAVO Youth Orchestras – $17,400
  • Oregon Children’s Theatre – $16,700
  • Oregon Contemporary – $23,000
  • Oregon Symphony Association – $7,400
  • Outside the Frame – $10,000
  • Pacific Youth Choir – $16,700
  • PDX Jazz – $8,900
  • PHAME – $29,700
  • PlayWrite, Inc – $6,300
  • Polaris Dance Theatre – $21,500
  • Portland Art Museum – $21,500
  • Portland Baroque Orchestra – $14,800
  • Portland Center Stage – $26,300
  • Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble – $16,300
  • Portland Gay Men’s Chorus – $14,800
  • Portland Institute for Contemporary Art – $18,500
  • Portland Opera Association – $9,600
  • Portland Piano International – $7,000
  • Portland Playhouse – $26,300
  • Portland Street Art Alliance – $17,400
  • Portland Youth Philharmonic – $23,700
  • Profile Theatre – $27,800
  • Shaking the Tree Theatre – $26,700
  • Street Books – $10,000
  • The Portland Ballet – $8,200
  • The Red Door Project – $17,100
  • Third Angle New Music – $23,700
  • Third Rail Repertory Theatre – $21,100
  • Triangle Productions – $8,200
  • White Bird – $7,800
  • World Stage Theatre – $17,800
  • Write Around Portland – $27,400


GOS Special AEAF Allocation – awarded June 2023

  • Artists Repertory Theatre – $60,000
  • Arts for Learning NW (Young Audiences) – $45,000
  • Blue Sky Gallery (Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts) – $15,000
  • BodyVox – $45,000
  • Boom Arts – $15,000
  • Cappella Romana – $30,000
  • Chamber Music Northwest – $45,000
  • Children’s Healing Art Project – $15,000
  • CoHo Productions – $20,000
  • Corrib Theatre – $15,000
  • Cymaspace – $15,000
  • Echo Theater Company – $30,000
  • En Taiko- $15,000
  • Ethos Music Center – $30,000
  • Friends of Chamber Music – $30,000
  • Friends of Noise (All Ages Music Portland)- $15,000
  • Hand2Mouth – $15,000
  • Hollywood Theatre (Film Action Oregon) – $60,000
  • Imago Theatre – $20,000
  • Independent Publishing Resource Center – $15,000
  • Instituto de Cultura e Arte In Xochitl In Cuicatl – $15,000
  • Literary Arts – $60,000
  • Live Wire Radio – $30,000
  • MediaRites – $15,000
  • Metropolitan Youth Symphony – $30,000
  • My Voice Music – $20,000
  • New Expressive Works – $15,000
  • Northwest Children’s Theater & School – $60,000
  • NW Dance Project – $45,000
  • NW Documentary Arts & Media – $15,000
  • Oregon Ballet Theatre – $100,000
  • Oregon BRAVO Youth Orchestras – $45,000
  • Oregon Children’s Theatre – $60,000
  • Oregon Contemporary – $20,000
  • Oregon Symphony Association – $175,000
  • Outside the Frame – $20,000
  • Pacific Youth Choir – $20,000
  • PassinArt: A Theatre Company – $15,000
  • PDX Jazz – $30,000
  • PHAME – $30,000
  • PETE (Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble) – $15,000
  • PlayWrite, Inc – $15,000
  • Polaris Dance Theatre – $15,000
  • Portland Art Museum – $175,000
  • Portland Baroque Orchestra – $45,000
  • Portland Center Stage – $100,000
  • Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra – $20,000
  • Portland Gay Men’s Chorus – $20,000
  • Portland Institute for Contemporary Art – $45,000
  • Portland Opera – $85,000
  • Portland Piano International – $20,000
  • Portland Playhouse – $45,000
  • Portland Street Art Alliance – $20,000
  • Portland Taiko – $15,000
  • Portland Youth Philharmonic – $45,000
  • Profile Theatre – $30,000
  • Rejoice Diaspora Dance Theater- $15,000
  • Shaking the Tree Theatre – $20,000
  • Street Books – $15,000
  • Takohashi- $15,000
  • The Portland Ballet – $30,000
  • The Red Door Project – $30,000
  • Theatre Diaspora- $15,000
  • Third Angle New Music – $15,000
  • Third Rail Repertory Theatre – $20,000
  • Triangle Productions – $20,000
  • Vanport Mosiac – $15,000
  • White Bird – $30,000
  • World Arts Foundation- $15,000
  • World Stage Theatre – $15,000
  • Write Around Portland – $20,000

2022-23 RACC Arts3C Grants (Spring 2023 cycle)

The RACC Arts3C Grant Program is for the Creation, Cultivation & Community in the Portland metropolitan tri-county region. Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas County applicants who are creating and sharing arts and culture programming in all disciplines could apply for support for projects or activities in the arts. In the spring 2023 cycle, RACC had a record-breaking number of applicants (648) with 259 grants awarded (40%) in June 2023 for a total of $990,000.


2022-23 RACC Arts3C Grant awards (Spring 2023 cycle):

Individual Artists Working Title Primary Artistic Discipline County Award
Abby Castillo AB Music Multnomah $3,000
Adam Eccleston Composer commission – Concerto for flute and orchestra Music Multnomah $5,000
Addie Boswell Marine Debris Workshop Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Alex Wakefield Family Dinner Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Alexander Chernousov Cultural Codes Social Practice Clackamas $5,000
Ali Leeds [Armenian culture showcase] Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Alice Christine Walker The Artist Union Exhibition Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Alicia Rabins Girls in Trouble: A Feminist Mystery Play Multi-Discipline Multnomah $4,000
Alison Lutz ATTENDANT LOSS Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $1,000
Amanda Triplett [Land-based installation] Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Amaru Moon [Series of quilts] Fiber art Multnomah $1,000
Amy Driesler Lesbian Pageant Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $2,000
Amy Ponteri Lost + Found in CoVid Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Andee Zeigler Gifting ceramics, seedlings, food and flowers Multi-Discipline Multnomah $4,000
Andrea Morris “What Lies Beneath” Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Andrea Parson You Can’t Be Serious Dance/Movement Multnomah $4,000
Andres Acuna Gracias Te Amo furniture line Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $4,000
Angela Saenz Give Me One Last Chorus (Working Title) Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Angelina Crawford [Studio de la Luz] Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $4,000
Ariella Tai Exhibition opportunity in Munich for work “safehouse i” Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $2,000
Arielle Wilkins Art Toy Expansion Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Aubree Bernier-Clarke Intersex Justice Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Audrey Booth Petrichor Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Austin Heitzman Expanded class access through digital technology Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Beckey Kaye Chapman Second Skin Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $1,000
Blair Borax Tender Lately Music Multnomah $5,000
Bruce Burkhartsmeier “Krapp’s Last Tape” and “Finding Beckett” Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Cait Olds Gay in the Park: Historic and Contemporary Queer Recreation in Portland Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Caitlin Dwyer Young Research for Nonfiction book (Courage) Literature Multnomah $2,000
Candace Fields Learning To Make Fire Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Casey Newman East Multnomah County Natural Dye Study Folk Arts Multnomah $4,000
Cathy Rowe Childcare assistance for mural development Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Clackamas $2,000
Cayla Davis Housekeeping, a Cay Is Okay Album Music Multnomah $5,000
Celina Flores Race Trips: The Current Psychedelic Renaissance in BIPoC Communities – A Community Discussion Media Arts (Audio) Clackamas $5,000
Cherie Savoie Tintary Collage workshops at Sequoia Gallery in Hillsboro  Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Washington $1,000
Chet Malinow Career expansion / Mentorship Program  Multi-Discipline Multnomah $4,000
Chloe Kendall Hot Noise (community experimental animation club) Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $3,000
Christina Martin Vital Community RISOs (VCRs) Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Christina Rusnak Voices of the Land Recording Project Music Multnomah $2,000
Christine James Flowers Pressed – The Intersection Of Motherhood, Farming, And Finding Language As A Domestic Violence Survivor Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Clara Baker Remote Mixing and Recording Media Arts (Audio) Multnomah $4,000
Clara Grün A Song for Trees Music Multnomah $5,000
Cliff Stanford Mic Check 7-Year Anniversary Music Clackamas $2,000
Coral Cloutman T4T Multi-Discipline Multnomah $2,000
Crystal Meneses Last Words Cemetery Concerts Music Multnomah $5,000
Cydni L Carter Lopez Studio Renovation and Career Investment Multi-Discipline Multnomah $4,000
Dan Eason Through My Board – Test screening & fundraiser Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $4,000
Danielle Schlunegger-Warner Arctic Circle Residency Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
darah Lundberg Studio’s internal capacity and sustainability of operations Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Daren Todd Art Larger Than Me Mural Workshops Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Clackamas $5,000
Dawn Jones Redstone Feely (Working title) Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Derek Trost New website to focus on acoustical design specialty Music Multnomah $3,000
Devin Boss – North East Productions Black Friday Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Egg Dahl Plastic Sands: Distribution and Collaboration Launch Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
elijah asani long ((( under///current ))) lost Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Elizabeth Malaska [New paintings for upcoming exhibitions] Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $4,000
Elsa Dougherty Roy Hart Voice Centre Internship Music Multnomah $2,000
Emeric Kennard Creating a stable foundation for business Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Emery Thanathiti Waiting Room Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Eric Simons Broke Gravy and Friends Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Erin Leddy Slumber Party at Risk/Reward Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $3,000
Erinn Kathryn Hatter Learning to Cast with Bronze and Aluminum Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Eva Moss Controlling the Narrative Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Fevan Solomon Stories I’ve Told the Stars Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $4,000
Francesca Capone A Mother’s Discourse Multi-Discipline Multnomah $4,000
Freddy Vilches Latin and Latinex Presence in Oregon Music Multnomah $5,000
Gabriel Gonzaga-Valenzuela CONCERT FOR THE KIDS Music Multnomah $3,000
Gabriela Vidal Vidal Poetry/Photography Book (Bilingual) Literature Multnomah $3,000
Gary Ogan [New computer] Music Multnomah $2,000
Gillian Herrera Writing Residency Literature Multnomah $2,000
Given Davis ReArrangements: A Collaborative Album Transcending Time Music Multnomah $5,000
Grace Kwon Kimchi Fullness (Part 2 of Kimchi Leavings) Social Practice Multnomah $5,000
Grant Brady PDX FLAG Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $1,000
Hannah Krafcik Gender Deconstruction Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Isabella Saavedra Laptop purchase Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Jacob Soto “CANELA” by ATOLE Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Jacob Turner The Portland Punk Princess Pageant (PPPP), Season 2 Multi-Discipline Multnomah $4,000
Jamin London Tinsel JLT Art Career Boost! Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Clackamas $3,000
Jennifer Dynes Adventures in Dobro Music Multnomah $3,000
Jennifer Grinels The Rosetta Project Workshop and Reading Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Jennifer Shin [BIPOC Writing Workshop] Literature Multnomah $4,000
Jenny Taylor “You Take Tacoma, I’ll Take My Chances” music video Music Multnomah $1,000
Jerome Sloan Reach Back Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Clackamas $4,000
Jess Graff Attendance to National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Jessica Barr – Mitzvah Movie LLC Mitzvah Media Arts (Film/Video) Clackamas $5,000
Jessie Nowak Thirst Dance/Movement Multnomah $4,000
Jill Giedt I Remember Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Joaquin Lopez Historias de crecimiento, Talleres (Stories of Growth, Workshops) Social Practice Washington $5,000
Joon Ae Haworth-Kaufka – Conversation Reading Series Constellation: A Reading Series at Tin House Literature Multnomah $5,000
Jordan DeLawder Film scanner Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Jordan Gale A Scarred Life Line: Behind The World’s Largest Dam Removal Project Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Joseph Reed The Most Materialistic Time of the Year Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $2,000
Joshua Coen For Want of Anything Better Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Judith Pacheco-Lujano Portland Community Artist Retreat Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Julie Perini Portland Diary Summit, with special guests Diary Film NYC Multi-Discipline Multnomah $2,000
Kapu Waiaʻu Dancel Meaola Multi-Discipline Clackamas $5,000
Karina Ripper Chispa (Short Film) Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Karlee Boon “NIGHT SHIFT” Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $4,000
Kate Mura Rebels and Priestesses Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Kelly Fry Selfie Bot 2.0 Multi-Discipline Multnomah $4,000
Kelly Nesbitt The Moving Teacher Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $4,000
Khatiti Harper [Video game] Media Arts (Computer/technology based) Multnomah $2,000
Kitana Connelly TwahnaCreation Expansion Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Washington $4,000
Komi Jean Pierre Nugloze – N’kossi Boutique We are One N’Kossi Fashion Forward Fashion Design Multnomah $5,000
Kristina Barker asleep//awake vol. 2 “call me home” zine Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Kunlu Wen Introducing Guzheng to the Portland Metro community Music Washington $5,000
Laura Cannon Break to Build – LIVE Dance/Movement Multnomah $4,000
Laura Hopkins Full-Length Album Music Multnomah $2,000
Laura Kuhlman Piercing the Veil: The story of Halloween Music Multnomah $2,000
Laura Stanfill IN PROGRESS: A writer’s guide to submissions, rejections, and sustaining a creative life Literature Multnomah $5,000
Leanne Norden Art Market Booth Upgrade Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Lettie Jane Rennekamp Studio support Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Lily Breshears The Worst Debutante in Richmond Music Multnomah $3,000
Lindsey Johnson Recital Series: PDX Composers Music Multnomah $3,000
Lindsey Konopka Fused and Slump Glass by Portland Magic Corner Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $4,000
Lisa Conway Equipment, residency, and sustaining studio practices Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $4,000
Livia Lichtenstein-Hershman Ergonomic equipment upgrade and medium expansion after injury Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Liza Faktor After Us (ongoing project) Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Lorelei Ruiz Arte de la Pinta art gallery pop up Multi-Discipline Washington $5,000
Loveness Wesa Ubuntu Wellness Youth Festival 2023 Dance/Movement Multnomah $5,000
Luann Algoso Gabby Antonio Smashes the Imperialist, White Supremacist, Capitalist Patriarchy! Web Series: Season Two Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
M. Allen Cunningham We Are Guests of Ancient Time Literature Multnomah $2,000
Margaret Drinkwater Advanced mold making and skill-building workshop Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Maria Inocencio Meet Me At The Center Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Mary Parker Black Improv History: A Weekend of Learning Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Matt Perez Misinterpreted Idioms (studies of the surface of sculpture) Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $1,000
Matt Weiers Making Two Handmade Xylophones for AMP and P:EAR Music Multnomah $2,000
maximiliano martinez [New computer] Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Mayada Dinno Beaverton Welcome Week Project Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Washington $2,000
Megan Buday ODDitease: Absurdist performance and video art showcase Multi-Discipline Multnomah $2,000
Melanie Flood Notions, an exhibition catalog Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $4,000
Melina Kiyomi Coumas Ocean Moon, Water Mother ( ) – Short Film Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Michael Gamble 3-Night Record Release Show for ‘Reeinvisions’ Music Multnomah $3,000
Miriam Sluis Metis Media Arts (Computer/technology based) Multnomah $3,000
Myhraliza Aala Oh Myh Dating Hell Ep. 4 Post Production & Film Festival Submissions Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Natalia Cardona Puerta Entre Primaveras: Memories of A Migratory Bird Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $4,000
Nate Golden The Artists Journey Music Multnomah $5,000
Nia Musiba The Alphabet of Black Creatives Multi-Discipline Multnomah $4,000
Nsayi Matingou Speak Your Truth Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $2,000
Owen Broder Owen Broder’s Pacific Piano Friends Music Multnomah $4,000
Pamela Minty Le Haricot Remake Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $3,000
Papi Fimbres [Orquestra Pacifico Tropical] Music Multnomah $5,000
Paula Champagne Weaning Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Pepe Moscoso Gallery assistant position Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Phil Baker Common Tones Music Washington $5,000
Quandre Brown Lackadaisical (anything but) Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Rángel Rosas Reséndiz Aquí Estamos (He We Are) Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Ree Artemisa Lost on Purpose – solo exhibition at SATOR projects Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Richard Greene “Xenachord” – An Open Source Microtonal MIDI Keyboard Music Multnomah $2,000
Rita Alves July and Everything After Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $1,000
Rob Chrisman The Mirrors in the Trees Multi-Discipline Multnomah $4,000
Rongrong Wang Portland Bilingual Children Choir Music Multnomah $5,000
Rose Covert Woven Sculpture for Terra Incongnita Land Art Exhiibtion Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Roux Haile Support for Black Circus Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Rowan Kingsbury Avery and the Fairy Circle Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
S.A. Lawrence-Welch Tradish-ish Consistency Project Cultural Arts / Indigenous Art Multnomah $5,000
Sabina Zeba Haque  Fire & Flood: Climate crisis in Pakistan & Oregon Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Sam Hamilton The Moana Meridian Symposium 2023 Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Samantha Wall [Framing of new works on paper] Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Sara Kolp Drawing Club Social Practice Multnomah $3,000
Sara White [Alluvium Press] Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Sarah Mirk Zine Documenting the History of LGBTQ Zine-Making Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Sarah Nienaber Shady Cove – Second Album Music Multnomah $3,000
Sascha Blocker Twister (Working Title) Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Sean Parker Fogtown Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
shane koehler Studio Development: Equipment, education & professional photos  Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $4,000
Shay Platz Postpartum Nudes Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Shobha Jetmalani Threads Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $4,000
Stephan Nance Disembodied Mind Music Video Music Multnomah $5,000
Steve Aman – Hi-note Music The Beat Orchestra – class at Rigler Elementary’s SUN school Music Multnomah $2,000
Sweta Ravisankar Chakras – The Wheel of Energy Dance/Movement Washington $3,000
Talilo Marfil Anonymous – Unsung Heroes Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Taylor Wallau Notes on Inheritance: a Poetry Chapbook Literature Multnomah $2,000
Therese Gietler ILLUMINATE YOUR ART: A Beginner LED Technology Workshop Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $4,000
Timme Lu I did not want to be here so i left Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
toni iyoha BikoBow Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Urks Io Magic Night at the Trans Bar with Max and Mars and Given and Urks and Friends! Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Vaughn Kimmons Feast of the Tide – Release Gathering Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Yathzi Turcot [New equipment and software] Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $2,000
Organizations Working Title Primary Artistic Discipline County Award
Academia Gabriela LLC Ballet Folklorico Academia Gabriela presents Sembrando Flores (flourishing flowers)| Dance/Movement Washington $5,000
Airlie Press Airlie Press Capacity Building Literature Multnomah $3,000
APANO Jade District Art Series Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Arco Iris Spanish Immersion Charter School [Grupo Ritual Azteca Huitzilopochtli performances and workshops] Dance/Movement Washington $5,000
Artback The Quilt Club Mural Redux Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Clackamas $4,000
Artist Mentorship Program (AMP) AMP Drop-in Center Multi-Discipline Multnomah $4,000
A-WOL Dance Collective Art in the Dark outdoor performances Dance/Movement Multnomah $4,000
Beaverton Symphony Orchestra Stipends and Video for Travis Hatton Young Artist Concerto Competition Winners Music Washington $3,000
Blanchet House of Hospitality On The Ledge Event Support Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Brain Injury Connections Northwest Art on the Brain Social Practice Multnomah $5,000
Bridgeworks Oregon BRIDGEWORKS OREGON: General Funds for rent Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Cascadia Composers Artistic fees for 2023-2024 season Music Multnomah $2,000
Centennial School District Murals for the students of Centennial High School Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Chiral Filmworks Pack is Here Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Clackamas County Arts Alliance Youth Arts for Change Multi-Discipline Clackamas $5,000
Columbia Slough Watershed Council I BELONG HERE // Portraits of Youth By Youth in Nature Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Corkscrew Equiptment Replacement/Upgrades Music Multnomah $2,000
Creative Music Guild CMG Fall Festival 2023 Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Dana Thompson Memorial Fund of Awesome School’s Out Rock Out! – Summer Day Camp for Black Youth Music Multnomah $2,000
Desert Island Studios Accessible Membership Expansion Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid Gulabistan (Gulabi Gang City of Roses) Dance/Movement Multnomah $5,000
Estacada Area Arts Commission Estacada Creates…! Literature Clackamas $3,000
Ext 606 LLC Operation Freezer Radio Media Arts (Audio) Multnomah $5,000
Fable and Flow LLC The Untold Stories: BIPOC Adoptees Docuseries Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Friends of Peninsula Park Rose Garden Storied Grounds: A Community History of Peninsula Park Social Practice Multnomah $5,000
From the Ground UP : A Research and Development Center for New Art 45th Parallel Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Futel Futel Operations 2023-2024 Social Practice Multnomah $4,000
Gather:Make:Shelter Re-envisioning the Portland We Want to Live In Social Practice Multnomah $5,000
Good in the Hood Good in the Hood Multicultual Music and Food Festival Music Multnomah $5,000
Gresham Art Committee Gallery space Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Historic Downtown Gresham Business Association Third Thursday Music and Art Music Multnomah $2,000
Hoi Phu Huynh Year of the Dragon Tet Festival Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
HONK PDX Honk! Fest PDX Music Multnomah $5,000
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization PIAFC Community Mural Project Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Jim Pepper Native Arts Council 11th annual Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Just 2 Deadly LLC J2D Investment for Growth Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Kickstand Comedy Comedy in the Park 2023 Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Lan Su Chinese Garden Dress Han – A Celebration and Re-Imagining of Hanfu Cultural Arts Multnomah $5,000
Loc Luv The Design Studio Expsure Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Many Hats Collaboration Operating support Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
MediaRites Uplifting AAPI Voices Multi-Discipline Multnomah $4,000
Misfit Academy Maol a Chliobain Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
NearHear NearHear App Development Music Multnomah $4,000
New Room Studios Lora and the Grasshopper Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Office Retreat Office Retreat: Black Arts Community Celebration Social Practice Multnomah $2,000
One Grand Gallery Artist Receptions and Community Programming Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center & Library Making ORPARC “Short Supports” Accessible! Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $1,000
Oregon Potters Association Celebrate!! 20 Years of OPA/HPS Cross-Cultural Exchange Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Oregon Society of Artists Classroom enlargement Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
OrpheusPDX 2023 Season of Chamber Operas Music Multnomah $5,000
Perfect Day Publishing Staring Contest: Essays about Eyes Literature Multnomah $3,000
Portland Dance Film Fest Portland Dance Film Fest Workshop Series Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $4,000
Portland Drama Club [After school programs] Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Portland Indigenous Marketplace Indigenize Art In The Park 2023 Folk Arts Multnomah $3,000
Portland Japanese Garden Cultural Corner: Celebrating Japanese Musicians Music Multnomah $5,000
Portland Parks Foundation Paseo 2023 Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Portland Radio Project Portland Radio Project Community Outreach Programming Media Arts (Audio) Multnomah $5,000
Portland Revels IDEA Consultation, Training and Plan Development Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Portland Samba Portland Samba equipment purchase Music Multnomah $2,000
Portland Textile Month Portland TextileX Month – Mixed Identities Exhibit with Aradhita Parasrampuria Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $3,000
Pure Bathing Culture, LLC Full-length record and EP release 2023 Music Multnomah $4,000
push/FOLD Echoes Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
RASIKA Society for Arts of India Classical Carnatic Music Concert and Outreach: Sudha Ragunathan Music Washington $5,000
ReBuliding Center Shed Talks Social Practice Multnomah $2,000
Sabin CDC Harvey Rice Community Re-Engagement Center Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Secret Roller Disco Artist Outreach Social Practice Multnomah $4,000
Shady Pines Radio Shady Pines Festival 2023 Music Multnomah $5,000
SoundsTruck NW Summer Concert Series 2023 Music Multnomah $5,000
SRC Community Consulting, LLC Tuesdays in Troutdale Music Multnomah $5,000
Stelo Arts and Culture Foundation Identity Remains an Ideal: Neo-Latino Collective Exhibition + Satellite Programs Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000
T & A Grand Theater and Media Ten, Tiny, Talks artist in residency Media Arts (Film/Video) Washington $5,000
Takohachi Tsugaru Shamisen and Minyo (Japanese Folk Song) Concert Multi-Discipline Multnomah $2,000
Tattoo 34 Making the only Black and Native owned Tattoo shop accessible Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
The Lamb Paint with Love Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $4,000
The Media Project Chasing Chimeras Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
The Theatre Company Home Improvement Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
The Village Gallery of Arts Lighting improvements Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Washington $3,000
True Path Consulting NW Defining Moments Literature Multnomah $5,000
Ukrainian Foundation Winter Fair 2023 Folk Arts Washington $5,000
Vibe of Portland The Digital Story: Create Your Own World Through Puppets and Virtual Reality Visual Arts (2D and 3D) Multnomah $5,000




RACC Arts3C Grant Administration Guide

Congratulations on receiving an Arts3C Grant from RACC!

This page provides all the information you will need to administer your grant, including appropriate acknowledgement of the grant support.

Please email grants@racc.org at any time with questions or if you need assistance!

  • Step 1: Complete Your Grant Agreement
  • Step 2: Acknowledge RACC funding support
  • Step 3: Complete Your Funded Activity!
  • Step 4: Submit Your Final Report

RACC “How To…” Administration Videos

RACC has created a series of short videos to walk grant recipients through each step of the grant administration process.

how toYou can check out RACC YouTube “How To” Series for videos to support your work in the RACC Opportunity Portal and general grant administration, including How To…:

  • Complete your RACC Grant Agreement
  • Fill out your W-9 Form
  • Help RACC share your work on Social Media
  • and more!

When promoting and presenting your event or sharing your artistic activities, it is important to acknowledge RACC’s support. This allows us to share your projects on our platforms and helps our communities see the impact of public funding for the arts.

Logo Usage

On printed and web materials, we ask that grantees include the RACC logo. Please defer to using the primary and secondary logos whenever possible. The alternate logo that includes our acronym is only to be used in situations where the primary and secondary RACC logos have become illegible due to small size. This logo is to be accompanied by the organization’s full name (Regional Arts & Culture Council) in a caption or in close proximity where it makes most sense.

Learn more about usage and download the RACC logo in a variety of formats at racc.org/logos.

On printed and web materials, grantees must include the RACC logo that contains the organization’s full name (Regional Arts & Culture Council). The file to be used is available to download here, as well as information about usage and technical formatting tips. If you find yourself in a situation where no sponsor logos can be included, a written notice of RACC support must be acknowledged as follows: “[Name of project or activity] is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council.” In the rare case written acknowledgment is impossible, a verbal acknowledgement must be made at your event. Last, grantees are encouraged but not required to acknowledge RACC support when speaking with the press.

Social Media

RACC’s Communications team is eager to support and uplift our grantees via our social media channels. We prioritize stories from underrepresented communities including Asian, Black, Latinx, Native American, Pacific Islander, LGBTQ, and artists from communities with barriers to traditional support systems. To ensure we can find your content, we offer the following suggestions:

Instagram | @regionalarts

In a post on your Instagram feed, mention us in the description and tag us in the photo @regionalarts. On your Instagram story, tag us @regionalarts so we can re-share it on our own story.

Facebook | @Regional Arts & Culture Council

Tag @Regional Arts and Culture Council in your post. Please do not request for RACC to cohost your event on Facebook.

Twitter | @R_A_C_C

Mention @R_A_C_C on your post, so we can retweet.

We strive to connect with and follow the accounts of our artistic community on social media. If you are not present on social media, but would still like us to share information about a RACC supported project, please reach out to our team (comms@racc.org) about this or any other social media questions or suggestions you might have.

RACC Sponsored Events Calendar

Located in the lower right-hand corner on the main page of racc.org is the “RACC Sponsored Events Calendar”, powered by Travel Portland. If you would like your event to appear on the calendar, please visit https://www.travelportland.com/events/ to “Submit an Event”. Be sure to mark your event as “RACC Funded.” Once your event is verified, it will automatically appear on RACC’s calendar on the main page.

Track your expenses and document your activity:

You will need this information later for your Final Report! More information about reporting requirements is provided in Step #4.

Consider the ADA accessibility needs for your project:

Projects that receive public support must be fully ADA accessible and inclusive to every individual. The assurance of equal opportunity for all people to participate in the arts is fundamental. Check out these resources and others to build Access into your programming

Notify Grants team so we can see your work!

You are encouraged to keep the RACC Grants team apprised of your project dates and invite us to attend your event! You can reach us at grants@racc.org.

Thank your Elected Officials for their Public Support:

RACC grants are made possible by funds from the City of Portland, Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, and Metro. Please consider thanking your Elected Officials for their public support, and letting them know about your work.

Once your funded activity is complete, log back into the RACC Opportunity Portal to fill out your Final Report. You will access the Final Report tasks by clicking the green “Start” button for the awarded grant with the Status of “Final Report”.

The Final Report requires the following components:

  1. Final Report Form. This form includes narrative questions about the activity, a budget section, and questions about the number of people involved/impacted.
  2. Materials that show use of the RACC logo or other acknowledgement of RACC’s support. This could be web links, brochures, programs, press releases, news clippings, screen shots, etc.
  3. Evidence of completed activity. This could be photos, web links, receipts, or other evidence that your RACC funded opportunity was completed successfully.

Please keep in mind that compliance with final reporting requirements in previous grant cycles will be considered when the applicant's future grant applications are in review.

Once you have completed all of these components, be sure to click the green button labeled "Submit”. You will receive a confirmation email when your Final Report has been successfully submitted.

A member of the RACC grants team will review your Final Report and be in touch if we have any questions or need additional documentation. When your final report is approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

You are now eligible to apply for your next RACC grant!


If you have questions after reviewing this guide, or if you need assistance with grant administration, please contact us. We are here to help!

You can reach the Grants team at grants@racc.org.

Multnomah County Library and Regional Arts & Culture Council announce community artists as part of wide-reaching public art commissions

Immediate Release

May 22, 2023

Artists bring community-centered approach to their artwork across libraries

PORTLAND, Ore. —Multnomah County Library (MCL) and Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) are teaming up to bring artwork to libraries throughout Multnomah County. This effort is part of the voter-approved 2020 Library building bond which will build, rebuild or expand nine library buildings while providing smaller upgrades to 11 libraries as part of the Refresh projects. Since the bond passed, Multnomah County Library has been hard at work on major updates, with the Operations Center and Holgate and Midland libraries leading the way as some of the first projects.

Public art for the community

As part of these updates, local artists are creating unique installations at each of these sites that represent the community’s history, culture and diversity.

“At the center of these new libraries is the belief that beauty and transformative spaces should be accessible for everyone,” said Vailey Oehlke, Director of Libraries. “Working with the Regional Arts and Culture Council offers an opportunity to bring the library, community and artists together in a vibrant way to ensure these new library spaces are not just functional for everyone, but also beautiful and inspiring.”

This artwork is developed in coordination with the Regional Arts & Culture Council through the Multnomah County Percent for Art Program, allotting 2% of the construction budget for all county-funded improvement projects toward the investment in public art. Artists are awarded projects as part of a robust public process, which includes selection panels led by local residents, business owners, artists, library staff and project partners.

The first library buildings to plan for public art include the Operations Center. As the heart of the library, it’s where every item placed on hold is sorted in addition to being the first stop for new books and materials. Plus, items for outreach to schools, shelters and more will be centered here. On July 6, 2022, the library broke ground on the Operations Center on the site of a former Safeway grocery store (221 NE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR 97230). This 73,000 square foot building is scheduled to open in late 2023.

Holgate Library will be a brand new two-story building, triple the size of the current space for a total of 21,000 square feet. It will be one of the largest libraries in Multnomah County. To begin on this new building, Holgate Library closed to begin construction on December 5, 2022 and will reopen in 2024.

Midland Library will undergo important renovations and an expansion to add 6,000 square feet of space, or an increase of about 25 percent. To complete these exciting upgrades, Midland Library closed to begin construction on December 23, 2022 and will reopen in 2024.

Thanks to feedback from members of the community, exciting new features at Holgate and Midland will include:

  • Outdoor spaces for community connection.
  • Large play and learning spaces for children.
  • Teen rooms with space for technology, homework and creative expression.
  • Art that represents diverse cultures.

Community artists representing community vision

Community engagement is a core value for the building projects. Selection panels prioritized artists with demonstrated experience and expressed interest in embedding community into their practice and work. Most artists selected for these projects are expected to create and host community engagement opportunities as part of their design phase. Some of these arts-focused events have already taken place and more are on their way in the coming months.

“We are immensely grateful for our continued partnerships with other community-centered, value-aligned organizations such as Multnomah County Library. RACC and MCL are prioritizing equity, accessibility, community, and innovation within our approaches to these significant projects. The expansive nature of libraries and the creativity with which MCL is approaching the library building improvements align well for the inclusion of public art. Providing opportunities for artistic growth is integral to our mission, as is the development, strengthening, and expansion of our arts and culture ecosystem. We are committed to centering the creativity and prosperity of artists and communities who, historically, have not been represented in the cultural fabric of this region. We are thrilled with the artists who have been selected by the community panels and extend our gratitude to all those working to bring these artworks into being,” said Carol Tatch, Co-Executive Director & Chief of External Operations, Regional Arts & Culture Council.


Meet the artists

Operations Center: Exterior entrance

A new, large-scale, 2-dimensional permanent exterior artwork at the Operations Center entrance will be created by artist Tenya Rodriguez (they/them). The site-specific original artwork will greet staff and visitors alike with vibrant colors and energy as they enter the new building, which is considered the heart of the library system. The artwork will also be visible to vehicular and pedestrian traffic along NE 122nd Avenue, capturing the attention of those who pass by. Tenya is a queer, Latinx, self-taught artist whose practice centers on mark-making and layering as a way to communicate through experimental expressionism. Instagram: @tenyarodriguez

Midland Library: Exterior canopy

As part of the overall building renovation, Midland Library will acquire a new entry canopy, framing the redesigned entrance and exterior public plaza. The underside of the canopy, spanning the width of the building, will feature artwork by local artists Lillyanne Pham (LP) and Paola De La Cruz (she/her). Lillyanne is a second-generation Vietnamese artist and cultural organizer who creates through a systemic consciousness framework and lens, specifically place-based justice and racial equity. Paola, originally from the Dominican Republic, interweaves digital and analog media, patterns, stitching and shape-based illustrations to evoke intimacy while challenging the themes of cultural identity, coming of age and interpersonal growth. Together, Lillyanne and Paola conceive and actualize socially engaged projects which blend one another’s strengths, passions and creativity. Instagram: @happynappystudio / @lillyannepham / @paola.lillyanne

Midland Library: Gathering Circle

Kanani Miyamoto (she/her) has been selected to create an original 2-dimensional wall-mounted artwork which will frame Midland Library’s interior Gathering Circle, a communal seating area that encourages and fosters connection. The artwork will be located directly across from the new main entry doors and will be one of the first things visible as people arrive at the library. Kanani is a practicing artist, curator, adjunct instructor and teacher whose work focuses on sharing and celebrating her unique mixed heritage in the hopes of representing her community and the beauty of intersectional identities. Through Kanani’s community-centered work she brings awareness to the damaging effects of capitalism and settler colonialism on Pacific Island people and land. Instagram: @mamakanani

Holgate Library: Interior/exterior wall

The Interior/Exterior Wall public art project at Holgate Library is multi-dimensional in name and practice. Salomée Souag’s (she/her) artwork will be etched onto exterior panels of the building’s façade creating a permanent sculptural drawing on the outside. Elements of these exterior panels will be replicated inside along the full length of the ground floor lobby wall as part of a large-scale, site-specific, 2-dimensional digital mural. Salomée is a muralist, designer and creative from Switzerland who holds her Peruvian and Algerian ancestors closer to her heart, her community and her work. In her consistent and continuous evolution and artistic practice, she creates revolutionary work to give power to the people, youth and artists. Salomée’s bold and powerful work encourages everyone to break down boundaries and borders and to imagine expression. Instagram: @c.hroma

Holgate Library: Exterior site enclosure

Arts activist Crystal Meneses (she/her) will be creating a 2-dimensional wall-mounted artwork for Holgate Library’s Exterior Site Enclosure. The artwork will wrap the enclosure, creatively anchoring the north entry outdoor patio. Located between the new library and the new parking lot, the artwork will be highly visible from SE 79th Avenue as people arrive at the library. In addition, the artwork will act as the backdrop to ground floor flex spaces that will be used by library staff and patrons for classes and events. Crystal creates from a communal perspective, centering connection and relationship and ensuring inclusion. Her mission is to inspire arts activism in the community while supporting others in discovering their passions and talents. Crystal’s expansive approach and ability to cultivate community is, in itself, a work of art. At the heart of everything Crystal generates is the desire to elevate collective healing, particularly amongst marginalized communities. Instagram: @crystalakinsmeneses


Regional Arts & Culture Council – Our Continued Commitment to Community


May 25, 2023

PORTLAND, OREGON: On Monday, May 22, 2023 RACC received an email from the City Arts Program Manager announcing the development of the City of Portland’s own arts and culture program to be completed by June 2024. RACC entered into its partnership with the City of Portland in 1995 via a region-wide intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas County, and Metro and the City of Portland). Though we were not made aware of these specific changes ahead of time, RACC has seen a growing divestment in equity-driven arts and culture engagement by the City of Portland since the fall of 2020.  

At this time, RACC does not have any more information than what has been released. It is our request and expectation that as the region’s contracted arts and culture agency, we will be invited into these conversations around the arts and cultural ecosystem in our community. We have a  deep experience working with, and for, the residents of Portland as well as City employees and elected officials.  

The City-led effort to assess the current state of the needs of our region for arts and culture continues with  community engagement sessions for the Our Creative Future cultural planning process is ongoing. The external partners for this process are the Cultural Planning Group from San Diego and the Metropolitan Group from Portland. This analysis and report is expected to be completed by the end of the year. RACC is the arts and culture advocate and funder that was created by the community for the community. RACC has been an integral part of ensuring access for those in the creative field since our inception and for the past 50 years. As a BIPOC-led organization we will continue to  adhere to our core values of equity, access, and inclusion. 

We want our community to know that we are committed to ensuring a thriving region for engagement and celebration of cultural diversity and artistic expression. Thank you for your commitment to RACC and your support for our mission and vision. 


Media Contact:

Communications Team, Regional Arts & Culture Council, comms@racc.org 

Video Highlights Muralists and Celebrates the Intersection of Art and Healing

For Immediate Release                                                                                           

May 24, 2023 — Portland, Oregon

Art is healing — both for the artist and the viewer. That’s the central theme of a video released today by Portland’s metro area Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) featuring the work of three muralists who contributed their art to the Multnomah County Health Department’s Behavioral Health Resource Center (BHRC).

The film highlights the art and inspiration of Damon Smyth, Amirah Chatman, and Salomée Souag, three local artists of color with lived experience with mental health challenges and/or homelessness. All three artists created murals featured in prominent places throughout the BHRC, a day center that provides basic services and connections for people with mental health challenges who are living outside in downtown Portland.

Smyth is a comic book artist and emerging muralist. He painted the mural featured on the exterior north-facing wall of the BHRC. His mural, entitled The Pursuit of Nostalgia, is his first large public art commission. The mural showcases a series of panels that follow the journey of a young man as he encounters a variety of landscapes and animals.

Chatman, originally from the southwest, created a large-scale vinyl mural in the center’s first floor sitting area. Known as The Oasis, the artwork is based on the style of her pastel paintings. The mural includes abstract clouds in soft tones while a wide river on the left extends to the center where it meets a waterfall, offering moments of repose and serenity to anyone who views it. Chatman is hopeful about her art and the future of the BHRC. She hopes that the “BHRC sets out to do what it intended to do….I am hopeful it causes a ripple effect for the rest of the city.”

Finally, Souag’s artwork, entitled Healing from Within, is located in the center’s first floor courtyard space. Incorporating Souag’s hieroglyph-like design work, the mural shows abstract faces and uplifted hands placed against a backdrop of arches and floral shapes. Her mural reflects the importance of a space where the mind-body can find healing and long-term support.

About her mural, Souag says, “I can only hope that it gives people a sense of peace, a sense of hope, security, safety in such a hard time and challenging time we have to face.”

“We are so proud to share these artists’ stories with the community,” says Salvador Mayoral, RACC’s Senior Public Art Manager. “As advocates and champions for arts and culture, we recognize the impact of trauma-informed art for both the artist and those who experience the art.”

The three artists were selected by RACC, who manages the art plan for the center, Health Department representatives, and BHRC staff. All of the artworks in the building adhere to the center’s trauma informed guidelines.

“One of the real joys of this project has been witnessing the care, passion, and intention these artists have brought to their individual artworks,” says Mayoral who oversees installation of artworks. “The murals reflect the overall intention of the BHRC’s mission and spirit,” he says.

“Our hope is that this public art might assist in someone’s navigation processes to heal, recover, and overcome barriers to them seeking services,” he says.

Smyth adds, “This is a chance for people to feel welcomed and grow.”

The BHRC offers daily basic services and a safe place off the street to relax for people experiencing houselessness, substance use and/or mental health challenges. Services include toilets, showers, laundry and mail service at the Day Center, as well as longer-term stabilization through connections to services, treatment, and critical peer support.

The murals were installed in the fall of 2022, in time for the opening of the center in December 2022. RACC also purchased smaller portable works that are being installed throughout the center.

“Each of these pieces is contributing to this being a welcoming, safe place for people who have not often felt welcome, nor safe, in most other places,’’ said Christa Jones, Community Mental Health Program Associate Director at Multnomah County. “That each also reflects the artist’s lived experience makes them not only more insightful, and moving, but ultimately more hopeful for everyone. The County really appreciates how this work came to us.”

The video is a collaboration between RACC and Open Signal. The artists were interviewed in the Open Signal studio. RACC released a teaser for Oregon’s first Arts & Culture Caucus launch on February 27th.



The Regional Arts & Culture Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides grants for artists and nonprofit organizations in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties; manages an internationally acclaimed public art program; convenes forums, networking events and other community gatherings; and provides workshops and other forms of technical assistance. RACC advocates for equity, inclusion and access, working to build a community in which everyone can participate in culture, creativity and the arts. For more information visit racc.org.



Regional Arts and Culture Council

Chanda Evans, Communications Team at RACC, comms@racc.org

Salvador Mayoral, IV, Sr. Project Manager, smayoral@racc.org

Multnomah County

Julie Sullivan-Springhetti, Multnomah County Communications Director



Experience East Portland’s Vibrant Culture this June at “Our Space of Possibilities!”

Every Saturday this June, we invite you to celebrate the communities along the East Portland Cultural Corridor through arts and culture at Our Space of Possibilities. This corridor is located on SE Division Street, spanning from SE 82nd Ave to SE 175th Ave. The project is supported generously by the National Endowment for the Arts’ Our Town grant, matched with local funding from Regional Arts & Culture Council, Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), and TriMet.

Our Space of Possibilities lies at the core of the East Portland Cultural Corridor initiative. Envisioned by artist-in-residence Patricia Vázquez Gómez, the project is a dynamic cultural space housed within a transformed TriMet bus that will live at four locations along SE Division Street. Every Saturday from June 3rd to June 24th from 12-8 pm, you will have the opportunity to join a workshop, attend a screening, watch a performance, or view an exhibition curated by local East Portland organizations and residents.

Patricia Vázquez Gómez is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the intersection of aesthetics, ethics, and politics; the social functions of art and the expansion of community-based art practices, with her methodologies deeply informed by her experiences in immigrant rights and social justice movements in the US and Mexico.

Southeast Division Street serves as the geographic backbone of a diverse and growing community, now with improved transportation options for residents thanks to TriMet’s FX2-Division high-capacity bus service. By seamlessly intertwining people, culture, and transportation, the East Portland Cultural Corridor strives to nurture a resilient community and celebrate the unique cultural identity of East Portland. 

Our Space of Possibilities 

Every Saturday in June from 12-8 pm

  • June 3rd at SE Division and 166th Pl
  • June 10th at: SE Division and 138th Ave
  • June 17th at SE Division and 121st Ave
  • June 24th at SE 138th at SE Division St

Naomi Likayi, is a first-gen, Congolese American creative based in Portland, OR. She aims to create daring and exciting work, finding new ways to innovate beyond what is offered in the current state of design and illustration. Likayi’s work will be featured in Our Space of Possibilities as a bus wrap designed in collaboration with Fir Ridge High School students Lia and Ricky. Handle: @mungala_nao

Marissa Perez and Patricia Vázquez Gómez are creating the first exhibition for Our Space of Possibilities, How to Love Division, centered on the history of East Portland and the opportunities for Civic Engagement. This exhibition will be on view on June 3rd, from 12-8 pm. Handle: @marissa_perezzzzz

Friends of Trees inspires people to improve the world around them through a simple solution: Planting Trees. Together. Friends of Trees and Patricia Vázquez Gómez are creating a garden inside the bus on June 10th, open 12-8 pm. Come get a plant and learn about the environment! Friends of Trees staff Andrew, Harrison and Winnie will also be at Our Space of Possibilities to teach you how to take care of plants on June 10th, from 1-3 pm. Handle: @friendsoftrees

Amenta, Kalimah, Farados, Oniyah, José, Oak, Brian and Tito are creating an exhibition together based on Afrofuturism for Our Space of Possibilities.  Amenta Abioto is a musician and producer. Originally from Memphis, TN, she came to Portland in 2010 with her artist family. Her background in musical theater helped inspire her live looping one-woman band, Yawa. She has released two projects, Opening Flower Hymns and Wade. Amenta Abioto is currently an artist in residence with her family, Studio Abioto, at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center. Amenta Abioto will also perform on June 17th at 7:30 pm. Kalimah Abioto (aka Dr. Woodchopper) is a multimedia teaching artist, filmmaker, drummer, writer, dancer, and entrepreneur. The Afrofuturism exhibition will be on view on June 17th, from 12-8 pm. Handles: @yawamusic, @kalimahabioto

The 082 Art Crew at Apano is an art collective of local BIPOC artists and community members creating art centered around the experiences, wants, and needs of BIPOC residents and neighbors of Southeast Portland. The exhibition the 082 Art Crew is creating for Our Space of Possibilities is called How to Love Division? This exhibition will explore how we express our love of East Portland through street art, highlighting community history and the issues of gentrification through interviews with local street artists and by asking participants questions about their relationship to East Portland in a creative way.⁣ How to Love Division will be on view on June 24th, 12-8 pm. Handle: @apanonews

Evan and Daniel are two 10-year-old students from East Portland who will be teaching origami, on June 3rd and 17th, from 1-2 pm.

Lillyanne Pham is a 25-year-old artist and cultural organizer raised by Vietnamese refugees. Ackida Omar is a 21-year-old first-generation Burundian American, artist, musician, and soccer player. LP and Ackida will lead a workshop on June 3rd and 17th, 2-3 pm; based on a short film they are creating for Our Space of Possibilities called “(Our)Flavs,” which highlights the stories of local immigrant and refugee restaurant owners and their relationships with herbs and spices. “(Our)Flavs,” will be screened on June 3rd and 17th, from 5-6 pm. Handles: @lillyannepham, @ackida_

Chanell Cortez Gonzalez is a student at Fir Ridge HS, loves art and dreams of becoming an art teacher. Chanell will be leading a surprise art workshop on June 3rd and 17th from 4-5 pm. 

Medicine Bear provides spiritual guidance and cultural mentoring to at-risk youth, families, and houseless communities through traditional Native American Ceremony, Sobriety Promotion, and Education. Medicine Bear and Rudy Serna will hold a Native Circle at Our Space of Possibilities, on June 10th from 3-5 pm, for Native-American residents, workers, and students of East Portland. Handle: @rudysernaredstone

Thea Gahr is a bilingual artist and printmaker engaged in education and image-making that aims to catalyze positive social & environmental change. Thea will facilitate the creation of a collective lino carving on June 24th, 1-3 pm. 

Aden Catalani is a Portland painter who will lead a spray painting workshop. Aden will lead a spray-paint workshop on June 24th, 3-5 pm.

Karina Lomelin Ripper is a Mexican-American film director.  Her films often explore bicultural points of view, telling stories that center Latina/x characters. Karina’s films “Visions” and “Niña¨ (made in collaboration with Marc Ripper) will be screened on June 10th and 24th from 5-6 pm. Handle: @karinaripper

Sika Stanton is an African-American cinematographer. She has a background in both documentary and narrative filmmaking. Her work has screened at the Portland International Film Festival, the Portland Art Museum, and Portland Oregon Women’s Festival. In 2019, she joined IATSE Local 600 and the Oregon Media Production Association selected her for their Rising Star Award. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Cinematography at the American Film Institute Conservatory and holds a BA in Studio Art from Stanford University. Sika’s film “The Numbers” will be screened on June 3rd and 10th from 5-6 pm; and her film “Imagine Black” (made in collaboration with Ariella Tai and Donielle Howard) will be screened on June 10th and 24th from 5-6 pm. Handle: @sikaafi 

Metro East Community Media is a nonprofit community media center based in Gresham, Oregon, and for over 35 years has used media to invigorate civic engagement, inspire diverse voices, and strengthen community life. Gene, Yasmin, Chloe, and Seth from MECM are supporting the creation of videos made by a group of youth from the African Youth Community Organization for Our Space of Possibilities.  Handle: @metroeastmedia

The African Youth Community Organization (AYCO) is a community-based organization led by and for the East African immigrant and refugee community in Portland. AYCO’s mission is to settle the past, engage the present and hope for the future. The videos that Farhiya, Yasmin, Amrin, Sabine, Ayub, Hashim, Hussein, and Imraan are creating will be be screened at Our Space of Possibilities on June 10th and 24th from 5-6 pm. Handle: @ayco.world

Edna Vazquez is a fearless singer, songwriter, composer, and guitarist whose powerful voice and musical talent transcend the boundaries of language to engage and uplift her audience. She is a creative musical artist with a vocal range that allows her to paint seamlessly with her original material, an intersection of Mexican Tradicional, rock, pop, and other genres. Edna will perform on June 10th at 6:30 pm.  Handle: @ednavazquezmusic

DJ Anjali made her public debut in December of 2000 and has since pushed forward a working class, immigrant feminist agenda on the dance floor all the while exploring her own identity through the power of sound and dance. She uses the dance floor as a place to build solidarity between communities of color. Music and movement have long been her tools to explore and share her unique identity as a mixed Desi immigrant daughter. With her partner, The Incredible Kid, she hosts TROPITAAL! A Desi Latino Soundclash & ANDAZ, two of the Northwest’s longest running dance parties. She teaches Bhangra & Bollywood weekly at The Viscount Dance Studio. Archives of her years spent as a radio host on XRAY & KBOO can be found online. DJ Anjali will play for Our Space of Possibilities closing party on June 24th at 6 pm! She will also be leading a Bollywood dance class on June 3rd from 3-4 pm. Handle: @anjaliandthekid

Lita Thilavanh, Julie Ammalathithada, and Maddie Thippraxay are 14-year-olds who perform at the Lao New Year celebrations and are involved in the APISU (Asian Pacific Islander Student Union) club at their school. They’re preserving their heritage by participating in traditional ceremonies and learning traditional Lao dances. Lita, Julie, and Maddie will perform on June 3rd and 17th!

Follow @regionalarts to learn about additional collaborators!